Mitch Caldwell, PAC-man candidate from Anaheim’s Dark Side.




A PAC is a “Political Action Committee.”  Here in Anaheim the PAC man that wants to eat Anaheim is a candidate named Mitch Caldwell – stuffing our tax dollars in Disney coffers en masse.

Picture a great name for a dark side PAC, like SOAR – “Save Our Anaheim Resort”… and The ACC (Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.)  Imagine some solid, gold-addicted mind that comes up with those innocuous acronyms. Imagine the sick-minded individual that develops PACs whose sole purpose is to make always more money for the Disney Corporation while giving back AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to their host city of Anaheim and its residents.

Zero gate taxes for Disney for 45 years and hotel subsides for Disneyland that total over $2 BILLION DOLLARS are the dark gifts of idiocy forced on Anaheim by these PACs and its longtime loyal member, Mitch Caldwell, who holds yearly fundraisers for SOAR at his gorgeous million-dollar Colony home, and has now been given the go-ahead, after many years of service on the Planning Commission, to move up to the big leagues, taking on the hated Dr. Moreno for City Council District 3.

SOAR’s policies and achievements continue to put the dollar burden of the Anaheim infrastructure on every man, woman, and child that lives here for decades to come.

This PAC’s only allegiance is to “The Almighty Dollar,” which these people worship like a great god/goddess and care about nothing else.  The stairway to heaven is what they seek to buy and they’ll be very disappointed when they learn the truth some day.  Eventually they’ll learn this lesson – life is short in the scheme of the universe, just a minuscule part of a second in the premise of time.

Their collective lives will be remembered as a stubborn, malodorous skidmark on a pack of Anaheim-emblazoned underwear that even Tide with whitening power just can not get out!

What, you need money? Come on now, Disneyland needs a new 10,000 space parking garage, sewers, roads and electrical repairs so you and I, Mr. and Mrs. Anaheim Sucker must pay for it. “Spam is really good food and cheap” is the PAC pitch to the citizens of Anaheim: “Spend less, earn less, and give us more.”

Let’s be literarily stronger – SOAR is the venereal disease infecting Anaheim politics with oozing puss and bloody stools evident in every move they make. People like Mitch Caldwell are the diseased hosts of this venereal disease spreading like a malignant malady perpetrated like some infected blankets given to Indians.

Mitch Caldwell is a player on the dark side of Anaheim politics.  Until now operating mostly behind the scenes, he is the Golem of Anaheim, the impervious skidmark on Anaheim, part of the Dalek army of PAC humanoids thrust upon us to bring on the privation and suffering.

Mitch Caldwell’s PAC protects the resort industry with inoculations (zero taxes) that not only perfectly preserve the resort area but also exacerbate the poverty levels just a block from Disneyland.

We, the people of Anaheim, the PAC infected population, pay for the incessant screw job propagated by Mitch Caldwell’s PAC.

Get involved, maybe even vote… OR ELSE SUCCUMB to the perilously dangerous and supremely uncomfortable butthole invasion that will continue until snuffed out by the concerned citizens of Anaheim.

And for gosh sake, Mr. and Mrs. Anaheim Sucker and those little Suckers too, let’s get some new underwear.

Fingal O’Flahertie
Man who just bought new underwear from Garden Grove!

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