GOP Puts Kids In CAGES. Remember in November!




The above sign, carried at the June 30th Families Belong Together rally near the Musick jail facility in Irvine, captured my frustration and disappointment at the silence of many of my conservative friends, on the family separation measures taken by the Trump administration.

Many of the families are still not reunified, and their tragedy is illustrated in this video :

There is widespread agreement of the need for immigration reform – even people who are not conservatives question positive aspects of unregulated immigration (see here). However, separating families requesting asylum, just to discourage that perfectly legal process, is unacceptable.

Some of the fundamental causes are being addressed by Mexico’s new President Lopez Obrador, in a letter sent to Trump (see here) :

  • “Regarding migration, I must comment that the most essential purpose of my government will be to ensure that Mexicans do not have to migrate because of poverty or violence.”
  • “The migration problem should be addressed in a comprehensive manner, through a development plan that includes the Central American countries, where millions of inhabitants do not have job opportunities and are forced to leave their villages to seek a better life and mitigate their hunger and poverty.”

The dilemma for me on the November’s mid-term election, besides of the local issues, is that whether the honorable exception of Mayor Tom Tait, who spoke up on the family separation (below), will persuade me to vote for my friend Cynthia Ward for mayor, or will be my vote for her seem like support for a GOP taken hostage by Trump?


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