A Digital Chip for every Pro-Lifer?




A recent article in the Hawaiian Free Press had the locations of all the Homeless Child Predators, Rapists and Aggravated Assault perpetrators on Oahu, based upon a requirement in Hawaii State Law that states that Homeless folks have to report and give a location where they principally reside.  For example: Kaneohe Bus Bench, Pearl City Transportation Center, Sandy Beach or others.  The map they came up with was telling.  Too bad we do not have such a law here in California.  The article in the Hawaii Free Press was to bring to the attention of the public, that Child Predators were hanging out in Public Parks and Beaches where children go on a consistent basis.  Rape by and to other homeless people and regular citizens and tourist is also another real problem in Hawaii.  They did not mention Drug Abuse, they did not mention Drug Dealing.  Finding out where these people are is a very important Public Safety issue.  Can anyone imagine going to Irvine Lake and not knowing that there were 10 Child Predators or Rapists that lived in the nearby bushes?

Homelessness is certainly not just a problem in Hawaii, California or Florida.  Homelessness is a very National and International problem.  The Times of London recently suggested that there were over 55,000 Homeless in the city of London, England.  Los Angeles guesti-mates that they have over 45,000 homeless.  San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Francisco, Oakland and areas all over the state are loaded with homeless folks.  Our National Government needs to offer Block Grants, Loans and Public Assistance for Portable Toilets and the Security to go along with that in order to keep our Public Health and Public Safety secure.  The Child Predators and Rapists, Aggravated Assault perpetrators and identified Drug Dealers NEED electronic chip surveillance.   We must make it easy for Law Enforcement to know where these folks are.   Who they are!  And WHAT they are instantaneously!

The current flap-o-la regarding the next Supreme Court Justice to be named hopefully will get to the big question:  “Do you believe Child Predators, Rapists and Aggravated Assault perpetrators living as homeless should be electronically chipped?”  The Right to Life folks all believe that “Life” starts at inception.  Most people believe that “Life” begins at First Breath!  When puppies and kitties and baby rabbits are born……they are not considered viable until they draw their first breath!  Not just in the mommies belly!  Where this idea that “Life begins at Conception” is a metaphorical reach of the highest extrapolation.  When the Daddy says to the Woman in his life:  “Make a baby for me!” well, in most cases, even in a state of lust……Life happens almost instantaneously if the woman is willing.  Now is this just Urban Legend or real?  Who knows?  The main idea here is that Conception is in the eye of the beholder.  Even with modern medical technology it would be very difficult to be exact about the moment of Conception.  The moment of Birth is far easier to determine based upon delivery by the doctor or taxi cab driver or mother-in-law to be!  Maybe even a Birth Certificate?  That is when life begins!  At birth!  You can create a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a petri dish…..so when is it a viable life?

So, what is an Abortion?  If a women was able to Mentally Create a Child, is she capable of Mentally Aborting a Child?  The Argument could be made that Mental Abortion is taking human life, even though no medical procedure was employed in the process.  The concept of Miscarriages is very seldom broached by Pro Life folks.  Was every Miscarriage just an Act of God, or did the Women take charge of her own body and reject the birth?  What about hydrocephalic, opioid, crack and Aides babies and deformed club foot and 100 more infantile mortality issues come to this discussion?  What about Parental Incest or Family Incest or Aggravated Unwanted Uninvited Mass Rape or Schoolyard Rape come into the discussion?  The point is that ALL Women should have the right to make their own definition of procreation and moral implications.  If Ivanka Trump had been knocked up by her abusive Social Studies teacher are 14 ….should she have had that child?  Her decision to be sure, along with that of her parents, since she would have been under age of consent!

The Moral hypocrisy involved in Life decisions for others seems a terrible injustice.  The same Pro Life Folks that demand Life be considered from time of Inception…..could care less how many Syrian, Iraqui, Palastinian,  Yemenese, Africans or Immigrants from South America die every day from war, government oppression or criminal activity every day.  We would hope that stopping the horrors of war in our time might supercede “The biggest Nosey Neighbor Issue” in American History.  Kavanaugh needs to answer the question:  “Should every Homeless Child Rapist have a chip and be monitored wherever they go?”  That question alone will go a long way in finding out what he believes about human Quality of Life!

Perpetrators of heinous crimes, whether it is involves running someone off the road, attempting to kill someone else –  Aggravated Assaults, very serious bad driving records and more….NEED the CHIP!  This is modern days and families around our country need to know what kind of people they are surrounded by.  Civil Libertarians believe in the right of Privacy…….hopefully that includes a woman’s right to choose what they do with their own bodies!  Also, what criminals are hanging out in their neighborhoods!  Additionally, how much easier would it be for Public Safety Officers to easily identify the bad guys?

A Digital Chip for every Right to Life Proponent?

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