Our Cheap Shot for Irvine’s Measure B (WOT)





(L) Toxic Waste Workers in Hazmat Suits; (R) Woman Eating Strawberries

Which site would you rather have to pay to remediate — one with toxic waste or one with strawberries?

Orange Juice Blog would like to apologize for the somewhat misleading graphic appearing above regarding the implications for Irvine voters of how they vote on Measure B, regarding the veterans’ cemetery, when it comes to the cost of site remediation.  It might even be called a “cheap shot.”

The right half of the graphic is quite correct: the only thing that would need to be done if voters vote YES on Measure B is that people would have to eat any organic strawberries remaining on the Bake Parkway site — and, yes, dig up the remaining plants and (OJB hopes) compost them.

However, the implication that publicly paid workers in hazmat suits would come to the ARDA site to remove toxic waste on the site, or even would have to deal with the teardown of possibly asbestos-containing concrete structures is highly misleading.  As we said in the headline to get you to read this — it’s a cheap shot.

People in Hazmat Suits would only have to happen if the cemetery were actually built on that site. And it’s pretty likely — especially if Five Point took out its checkbook and cuddled up to the quite readily influenced Trump Administration to get a special favor rider approved in an appropriation bill that would use the Supremacy Clause to override State Law in this instance, or use the EPA to block construction forever, that NO CEMETERY WOULD BE BUILT THERE AT ALL!

The choice facing Irvine voters is not between two sites — it is between building a cemetery to honor veterans and serve their loves ones, or having no veterans cemetery at all.

Orange Juice Blog deeply regrets the implication that there would even be a cemetery built in Orange County if voters reject Measure B. All — literally, the entire project — will be lost, if Measure B loses, and all to serve Larry Agran’s petty spitefulness towards Five Point for toppling his reign over the city.

(And by the way, that photo actually depicts homeless civilians in Japan who had been forced into service cleaning up toxic waste after Fukushima.  It’s like Orange County’s secret dream.)

If you live in OC (or in Long Beach, the Gateway Cities, or northern San Diego) and know someone in Irvine, please call and deliver a message:


The creator of that misleading graphic will be disciplined appropriately — by making a ton of calls this weekend and through election day for veterans advocate Josh Newman to survive the misguided recall election and Col. Doug Applegate in CA-49.

This is your final pre-Primary election Weekend Open Thread.  Talk about that, or whatever else you’d like, within broad limits of dignity, decorum, and — dare we dream? — decency.


PS (from Vern) – here is the “first artist’s rendering of the Orange County Veteran’s Memorial Park at Strawberry Fields site on the El Toro Marine Base! This illustrates the progress we have made. We have a vision, and if everything goes smoothly, cemetery construction could start as early as October 2018.”

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