Tim Shaw Just Convinced Me to Vote for Joe Kerr for 4th Dist. Supervisor




Chief Joe finally gets that last pesky DPOC member's support

Chief Joe finally gets that last pesky DPOC member’s support…

Saturday afternoon, Joe Kerr sent me (and no doubt scads of other voters registered in the 4th Supervisorial District) an email — and I’ve decided to vote for him rather than my top preference, Cynthia Aguirre.  So when you see the election returns, mentally add my vote (and I think Vern is doing the same) from Kerr’s total and add it to Aguirre’s column: she’s earned them in every way other than having a plausible path to victory.  Here’s Kerr’s email.

I am writing to ask for your vote and set the record straight.

As you might know, I am a retired Orange County Fire Captain and a previous President of the Orange County Firefighters Association. A certain organization who view themselves as rivals to firefighters when it comes to budget negotiations – recently began sending out mailers attacking my campaign. The reason for their attacks are simple – they don’t want to see a former firefighter elected to the Board of Supervisors.

The claims made in their mailers are untrue. Although my 25-year career has forced me to move all around Orange County, I am a proud resident of the Fourth Supervisorial District. I have both lived and worked in our district for a number of years.

Please don’t allow these last-minute attacks to influence your decision making. The stakes are high in this election and the group behind these attacks have a history of not always telling the truth.

I’m not voting for him because of that email, though.  I’m voting for him because of a phone call — a autodialer-voicemail that came from his Republican opponent, Tim Shaw.

Shaw’s voicemail did not even mention Kerr.  Instead, it was a slashing attack against the other most likely Democrat to make the race — Fullerton Mayor Doug Chaffee.  And my reasoning has less to do with Chaffee than with a second Republican in the race: protofascist racist drunk Lucille Kring.

(You think CA-48 and CA-49 are complicated?  They have nothing on the 4th Supe race!)

The only reason that I can figure that Shaw would be reaching out to smack Doug Chaffee right now is that he must be doing well — better than Kerr, even — in the polls.  Shaw presumably thinks that he knows how to bear Kerr — a smart and congenial labor leader, who also happens to be a labor leader, if you know what I mean.   (And everyone’s guess is that 4th District voters do).  Shaw also knows that he will stomp the living daylights out of Kring if she makes the runoff.  (I will end up having to carry Democratic voters to the polls on my back in November to keep an bloodthirsty, rights-trashing, moron like Kring to the polls from being elected, if Dems are shut out.)

Chaffee, like Kring — and perhaps even more than Shaw — is a flat-out sychophant of the police unions, who have acted deplorably on any issues involving police brutality.  I’d easily support him over Kring — because, you know, Kring — but I have my doubts as to whether he’d actually be better than Shaw.  Kerr, in my opinion, easily would be.  Kerr is an unselfish, genial, “people’s servant” Chaffee is — as reflected in his being completely shut out of the DPOC endorsement race — selfish and calculating.

Cynthia Aguirre is a promising candidate who just doesn’t show much evidence that she can raise money andwin.  If the differences between the other candidates were not so stark, I’d vote for her anyway — to show the flag — and I still think that the DPOC should not have endorsed Kerr.  But they did, with just one holdout — me.

I guess that now it’s unanimous.  If Chaffee is the problem, Kerr is the only plausible solution.

(Vern and I are writing in Cynthia for County Treasurer.  It’s futile, but … care to join us?)

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