*sigh* Funeral Fundraiser(s) for Peter Muntean: Friday Tacos, Saturday Carwash.




Why does this stuff always happen to families that were already having a hard time making ends meet?

I mean, stuff like their kids getting killed by the police.  You’ve probably already read about what happened to unarmed, 24-year-old, schizophrenic, legally blind Peter Muntean last month.  And it all started with him being off of his psych meds, because his mother was briefly unable to get those meds.  This led to the breakdown April 12 which eventually somehow led to his getting shot the following morning in the back and back of the head by either Officer Bartman Horn (who’d previously paralyzed a suspect in Pasadena five years earlier) or maybe his partner Brendan Thomas.  Paralyzed from the neck down, and unable to breathe without life support, after two weeks Peter opted to end his life.

And now his poor, hard-working mother Tina is having a hard time getting together the money for his funeral.  If half the people who read our last story about Peter, and expressed their sympathy, helped out, things would go much more smoothly.  There are three possibilities…

1.  Come and get some DELICIOUS TACOS out front of Tina’s best friend Corie’s house today (Friday) starting at 3:30 in the afternoon – that’s at the corner of Onondaga and Glen Avenue, near Euclid and La Palma.  Be there!  I will be.  OR…

2.  The traditional CAR WASH will be TOMORROW (SATURDAY) from 10 to 4, on the corner of La Palma and Euclid in the Deardens parking lot, by the insurance company.  OR…

3.  We’ll replace this part with a GoFundMe link soon, but contributions for those of you who can’t make it for tacos or a clean car, can be made in the name of Petrica Peter Muntean, to Melrose Abbey Memorial Park, (714) 634-1981.

Tina and Corie thank you all in advance for your help!  And next, we will look for some justice, and some reform at long last.

This will be Peter’s final resting place.

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