Guns = Death




“You can control my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

You can only hope they pull the gun from the cold dead hands of the murderers that are invading our schools.

Using the tools given to them by the NRA (not the constitution) maniacal murderers are killing indiscriminately around the country men, women and children.

When do we as a people say this is crazy! When do we say – I do not want my kids, my wife, my whole family to die by the hands of a gun toting murderer at the local pre school while the little girls are having tea time and scones!

“In our terrorized, polarized, tribalized times it’s hard to think of a more psychologically fraught item than a gun.”

The blood soaked hands of the NRA are prying guns INTO the hands of the public with their general fear mongering. We do not need “General” Fear Mongering we need “Major” Change! 

How could we turn our gruesome brain-splattered backs on this issue as we grasp at the hawk of fear propagated by one organization – the NRA. Gun ownership is battered around like a baseball by the politicians that receive tens of millions of dollars from the NRA – “Lets play bullets” they yell from the bully pulpit, “they are fun, a pleasurable sport for the whole family, just blow the head off the target and you are, the greatest.”

The Politics of death seems to be the sport and the NRA plays it like the pros they are. Politicians play off the game plan of the NRA and get high marks for their marksmanship from a large part of America pulled into the game of death with lies and manipulation.

Fear the criminals next to you in the store, on the road, in the school. Fear is the burden this violent society has hoisted on our shoulders on TV in the news papers and whispered everywhere. Even in the public toilets the NRA has little speakers that subliminally murmur over and over again “be afraid,” do not doubt this as there is nothing they will not stoop to.

Fear the criminal crawling into your bed at night and murdering you and your wife. I am not sure what your gun will do for you in this situation as it is under your bed or in your drawer or in the hands of the criminal, most likely.

You could ask the illicit intruder to stand down like a real man while you get the gun out of the closet, pull down the ammo, load the AR15, chamber a round and then have a man to man shoot out, but I just doubt that is going to happen, ever.

“Fear is the herpes of American politics; the symptoms may bloom and fade according to the stress levels or the phases of the moon but the virus never seems to die.”

They wrote of fear in ancient texts:

The sound of a driven leaf shall put them to flight, and they shall flee as one flees from the sword, and they shall fall when none pursues. They shall stumble over one another, as if to escape a sword, though none pursues; and you shall have no power to stand before your enemies.

– Leviticus 26: 36-37

We are not only afraid, but armed and dangerous. We can hardly drive to the store without wanting to shoot someone – Your lovely wife next to you in the suburban and your kids in the back seat all yelling “GET OUT OF OUR WAY YOU IDIOT” and your 10 year son chambers a round for you, mom is cursing and your 12 year old daughter is pulling her hair, squeezing words through her clenched teeth “Shoot him already”…

What have we come to, where are we going!?

Look at your real life for the facts they are right in front of you. Most of my friends have guns and supposedly know how to use them. My one friend in college was a paraplegic, shot in the throat by accident.

Another friend brought out his new M16 and was showing me it was not loaded. Before he handed it to me he pulled the trigger and shot through the wall and into the bed where his invalid grandma was sleeping – “Missed her by that much.”

Recently a friend of my daughter’s used his gun. He used it to kill his wife and then took his own life.

Not a person I have known in my many years of life used a gun to protect themselves.

It’s all just smoke and mirrors laid down by the NRA with their purchased political allies. Know the truth that the smoke off the hot barrel of a gun is not of benefit to our society now or in the future.

We can’t continue to allow the NRA to wave the American flag and the blood stained constitution over the graves of our dead children.

In the European countries guns are strictly controlled and the death rate is 1/10 the American murder rate. Is this control on our society worth your family’s life?

Look into your son’s face, your daughter’s eyes, and rethink the whole thing.

Fingal O’Flaherie
63 year resident of this fine planet

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Fingal is an Orange County resident/entrepreneur, sometimes world traveler and man about the house.