Suspension Day for DA candidate Lenore Albert!




I’ll be damned (and this time I really WILL be damned!) – that “lawyer” Lenore Albert (sometimes-Sheridan) who has taken to running as a Democrat for various offices, currently (and most ironically) District Attorney, has finally lost her ability to practice law.  Depending on her behavior, this could be for either a year or thirty days.  The wheels of justice sure do move slowly, especially when you’re waiting for the California Bar to act, as her many victims can attest, but they do finally get where they’re going, and stop.  Feast your eyes:

The Orange Juice will have to take our time putting this whole thing into perspective, because seriously, this woman’s legal misdeeds stretch in all directions like the aftermath of a medieval battle.  A good place to get a panoramic view of it (if you can pencil in sometime in your busy day for craziness-shadenfreude) is this lengthy and mortifying Liberal OC post/thread, from back when Dan Chmielewski decided to take Lenore under his wing.  As enjoyable and enlightening as all the deserved venom from her critic/victims are the zombie-like comments from her “supporters,” which are reminiscent of the pro-cult comments on my Man Hee Lee story.

“Whoa” to those politicians who let her cozy up to them…

She made her mark, hurt the most people under the guise of helping them, and got into the most trouble, during the rash of illegal foreclosures earlier in this decade, when Occupy got involved.  But, despite the nice-charitable-girl image she cultivated, she almost never worked pro bono, unless there was some great publicity to be gained.

Why is she now running for OC District Attorney, where all she’ll accomplish is stealing a few Democratic votes from Brett Murdoch with her questionable “civil rights attorney” ballot designation?  Well, yes, of course, glory and ego.  But can she actually do it now, with her license to practice law suspended?

So many questions, so much schadenfreude to indulge in!  Anyone out there knowledgeable in Lenore Lore, please chime in!   I gotta run…


Update: Much more
and HERE.

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