Will the Anaheim BROS Join the Stoneman Douglas High School Students?




At the last 2016 city council debate held at the Arab-American Community Center on Beach Boulevard, among the public there was a good number of young people, which was a refreshing and encouraging scene. Many of them were members of the Anaheim High School organizations called BROS and CROWN  (Civically Raising Opportunities for Women).

Months later I saw some pictures of these groups doing community work, cleaning up a park. I believe it was done as a civic response to the negative image presented by some media of the students involved in the Palais Street neighborhood incident, in which an off duty LA police officer confronted a student stepping into his lawn with a gun.

In this blog we have had long discussions on this issue of gun safety (see here).We can add to the counter-arguments for restricting the use of the AR-15 that nuclear arms are much more lethal, and that we are not doing much nowadays to destroy them. Also some people buying these of type of machine-gun weapons do it not for the purpose of attacking innocent victims like school- children, but in the event the social order breaks down, the “survivalist” crowd.

Whether these more modern type of arguments plus the constitutional right to bear arms impede a logical revision of this issue, we need to move on to avoid more massacres due to these machine-guns type of arms being used.The Parkland students in  the video make a strong argument to urgently and seriously address gun safety. I hope students across this land, including Anaheim, join them.

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