Travis Allen, HB’s own little mini-Trump, busted Lying Again.




I’d been making a point of ignoring Huntington Beach Assemblyman Travis Allen‘s vainglorious run for California Governor, since we first broke the story last year.  For one thing, I was hoping he’d stay in the race and not go back to his Assembly seat with his newly-filled coffers, despite the OC GOP insiders who told me,

“Never impressed with that dude. Walks around everywhere with his shirt half unbuttoned. Thinks he’s God’s gift to the world. This is just a prank to get more attention and money, he’s going to back off and stay in the assembly.”

Why do I hope Travis stays in the Governor race?  Well … a good reason and a bad one.  First I think his reptilian anointed assembly successor Tyler Diep might be a little easier for the right Democrat to beat than a super-funded celebrity incumbent.  The other reason is probably petty, immature and partisan:  Travis is so tightly wedded to the TRUMP sliver of California’s electorate – with his nonstop demonization of Mexicans, Democrats and Muslims and his total disregard for facts – that having him as the California GOP’s standard-bearer is bound to kill that Party even deader.  I know.  Mean, huh.  

So I remain on Travis’ e-mail list.  But one of his missives grabbed my eye last week, which quite uncharacteristically turned out to be true:  a new Survey USA poll shows Travis only one point behind the Democratic runner-up, the corporatist Tony Villaraigosa (and far behind front-runner Gavin Newsom.)  Travis is correspondingly jazzed and heartened at his big 9% showing, and much less likely to retreat back to his boring old assembly seat (where he’s racked up the body’s worst attendance over his tenure.)

This showing comes not long after his demagoguing of the Steinle-Zarate not-guilty verdict, in which Travis, aping Master Trump and totally disregarding the Steinle family’s wish for people to stop using Kate as a political football, let us all know that he was “saddenned [sic], angry, and embarassed [sic]” over the San Francisco jury’s finding that the shooting was a tragic accident, and please send Travis money now so he can become Governor and deport more Mexicans so that more Kate Steinles can go on living. 

Because, you know, Trump and Travis had really taken the time to consider all the evidence the jury had (NOT), and it’s a no-brainer that any Mexican immigrant who happens to not have his papers in order is one step away from randomly shooting a young blonde woman.

AND Travis’ triumphant 9% showing comes DIRECTLY after his FOX News appearance below (FOX being a place he spends more time at than on the Assembly floor!) in which he not only asked Trump and AG Jeff Sessions to please sue California over our “Sanctuary State” law – great choice to lead the state! – but also falsely claimed that 74% of us Californians “are absolutely against sanctuary state policies.

This last claim – 74% of Californians opposing the new policy – earned Travis the coveted designation of LIAR from the non-partisan fact-checking group Politifact last week.  Travis, conveniently, in order to find the factoid he wanted, had gone back three years to a 2015 poll, in which the term “sanctuary state” was not explained to or understood by respondents, and most notably taken at a time when Trump was never expected to become President, nor were his mass deportations envisioned.  Politifact provides us with four polls – all taken last year – which actually spell out what the loaded term “sanctuary state” means, i.e. “California law enforcement personnel will not hand over immigrants in the country illegally to U.S. immigration agents, unless the person has committed a serious crime” – and more Californians support that than oppose it.  Most recent poll from two months ago, far from Travis’ 74%, shows only 18% “strongly oppose it.”  Good, maybe those 18% of Californians can vote for Travis, who continues to insist that all the other polls SUCK EGGS apart from the old one he likes.

No doubt 74% (or more) of the folks Travis surrounds himself with would like to see more deportations of Mexicans – that’s the world we live in now, way too few of us consorting with folks who disagree with us.  But this is the reality most of us are seeing nowadays:

39-year-old deported deported to Mexico after 30 years in U.S.

DEPORTED AFTER 30 YEARS: 39-year-old Jorge Garcia, a married father of two from Detroit, sobbed as he was deported to Mexico after living in the United States for 30 years, brought here when he was just 10. David Muir reports.

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Wednesday, January 17, 2018


So, stay in the race, Travis, and be the California GOP’s standard-bearer of hatred, fear, and lies!  (I know, childish and partisan of me, huh.  I apologize to my nice Republican friends… You’ll probably prefer that Cox dude, or even Villaraigosa.)

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