Paquita La Del Barrio in the OC Women’s March: the Politics Around the Julio Perez Allegations.




I almost didn’t make it to this year’s march as I’m still recovering from the flu. I arrived an hour after the starting time. I didn’t expect it to be as large as last year, and I was surprised that I had to walk quite a few blocks to get to the end.

Many of the signs carried by the marches were very original. One that caught my attention had the words of a Mexican song, not inspired by a revolutionary period or from political struggles. It is not a protest or political song, in the way this genre of music is generally defined. 

It is a popular tune among Latina women who may not be politically aware and who have had negative experiences with men. Don’t expect this song to be played in political events, as it paints men with broad brushes. The song is called Rata de dos Patas,” and the singer goes by the name of Paquita la del Barrio.

The song’s message fits well with the #MeTooMovement. It also indicates the extent of the political reaction that the Trump phenomenon has created, as this tune is commonly heard in the barrios. When I saw the sign I thought that the Anna Drive’s contingent had shown up. But not, as Vern could’ve been hit with a pussycat hat. He is a Catherine Deneuve ’s fan.

I didn’t see one of the organizers of last year’s march, Julio Perez. It is alleged that he has sexually harassed women in his capacity as OC Labor Fed director. The pace of the investigation is not satisfying people who have had political grudges against him, and are now accusing individuals who they see close to Julio of having double standards (see here)

“Do you march for women in the #metoo movement? Your silence on the Julio Perez investigation diminishes this column’s importance. The march isn’t just about immigration. It’s about issues affecting women. Sexual harassment, sexual abuse and sexual assault are all part of this effort. Address that.”

This is another attempt by the “Liberal OC” faction to undermine their opponents in the county’s Dem party. Garden Grove council-member Kim Nguyen has called for Julio’s dismissal. Ms Nguyen worked for Lou Correa, and Lou’s staffer Claudio Gallegos managed Ms. Nguyen’s council campaign. I understand that Claudio facilitated the interview published by Dan C. with the Anaheim’s People map creator, which indicates that there is a long connection between Dan and Claudio.  Are Correa and other so-called “moderate Dems” behind this campaign against Julio and his progressive allies?

I wonder what these people’s position was on Juanita Broaddrick’s allegation against Bill Clinton.  Are they genuinely supporting the #MeTooMovement or is this another posture to gain political points? Remember how Chmielewski excused his Hillary-ally John Hannah’s attack against the 17-year old female Sanders supporter Shawnee Badger at the 2016 Dem convention? : a Vlade Divac type of flopping

Politics can be a drama, often it is, at every level. The barrio politics can be as creative, or more, as the other places of the city.

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