Breaking: Ed Royce to Retire, North OC turns “LEAN DEM!”





Royce - with wife Mary Porter

(Ed Royce and Wife Marie)

Anyone want to run for Congress?

Longtime Congressman Ed Royce will retire at the end of his current term in 2018. This announcement follows his wife accepting a role at the state department as well as a controversial taxation vote last month.

Read more at the Orange County Register.

Who will emerge from the GOP ranks to compete in a heavily contested primary is anyone’s guess– but what’s certain is that this mid-term election will be exciting.


VERN:  The distinguished COOK Report has just marked this already competitive seat to “LEANS DEM.”  WHO WILL IT BE?

This guy has been representing the RICH, in particular WALL STREET, in Congress since 1993.  We already thought he was a pretty vulnerable candidate in this anti-Trump year.  Now the incumbent is gone.  Will they try to install Young Kim?  (First thought.)  That would mean her leaving her Supervisor race.  Who’d pick up the GOP banner there?  So many pieces just went a-flying.  Let me see who-all Dems have gone (unsuccessfully) against Royce in recent years…



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