The Coming Economic Boom of 2018?




Actually the lyrics the Winships quote are from “Danny’s Song” by Kenny Loggins, made into a hit by Anne Murray; the Winships were probably thinking of John Denver’s “Annie’s Song.” So I went looking for a picture of John Denver singing that, but I kept remembering Monty Python’s recording of him singing the song while being attacked by geese, so the best I could do was a picture of a geese attack. – Editor.

John Denver said it best:  “Even though I ain’t got money….I’m so in love with you honey!”  We have homeless, families and vagabonds living in their cars and motor homes running around country looking for jobs, a diminishing demand for workers through Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and a huge spike in Healthcare Cures, making people live longer and longer and longer.  When you look in the obituaries of any newspaper – the typical age here in Orange County, California is in the realm of 84 plus.  Lots of people are living to 100 or more.  What our ludicrous healthcare system doesn’t kill, bad water, bad food and chemical dependence is designed to do.  But people have caught on to the Snake Oil Salespeople, out of work Time Share folks with a rap and tap and are totally full of crap.  Edward G. Robinson in “Soylent Green” finally gave in the Medical Social Oncologists and we all know what happened to him.

People buy things they want on Amazon.  People learn the things they need on Google.  People find out about how sleazy, loose or stupid celebrities and politicians are on TMZ or Wikipedia.  Want to buy something…..jump on that I-Phone 10 and just do it!  Want to travel someplace, buy an Airline Ticket, book a room – just do it.  So, even buying cars can be done now on your I-Phone or Home Computer.  Things have just become too convenient.  Debt is encouraged.  Owe, owe, owe and its off of work we go!  You see, whatever job or jobs you might find are not going to pay the huge debt you have accumulated.  Everyone needs to hit the big Superball winnings.  So, we have become basically the next 1950’s….Mexican Lottery Generation.  Hoping upon hope……that “the Lord will provide!”  The only people that will die in future are those that refuse to learn new things.  The old baseball axiom still works:  “You can’t tell the players without Uniforms and a Program”.

It is interesting that The Trumpster keeps pushing cutbacks to Government Programs.  While the European Community has stalled its efforts at massive Austerity Programs…….the United States Republicans continue to call for Austerity, yet continues to  “feed the kitty”, with FED Money to the tune of $35 Billion dollars a month, which is then pumped directly into Global Investment Banks to bail out folks like Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece – just for starters.  This is the biggest laundry since Tidy Dity.  As we might remember, it was just a few months ago …..the prognosis for these economies was beyond dire.  Now, they are making huge comebacks.  Meanwhile, the Chinese are pumping out Billions of Wan to their group of Asian and African buddies with impunity.  Currency Manipulation…..anyone?  We seem to know that gig pretty good ourselves!  The Global Cabal, and the grand fix, the game has grown exponentially. Things like Civil Rights, Environmental Protections which include safe drinking water, Quality of life; Affordable Housing, Public Safety, Public Health and Healthcare, Educational Reforms, Immigration Reforms and of course Jobs with decent wages…….are all headed for the ash heap of history, unless of course we can fix some things.  No more phony  Time for straight talk, not double talk.  Time for Full Disclosure and Transparency for every political contribution, by anyone.  “How bout those NFL Players?”  “Look, Iran has bigger anti-government rallies that we do!”  “The FBI stands for Folks Being Indicted!”  Well, maybe not the last one…eh?

So, how could anyone create a huge economic boom that would create jobs, insure a better security for citizens and create the environment we need to compete in the Global Economy?  Two things need to happen:  (1)  Double all Social Security payments.  Currently, Social Security is about $873 Billion a year.  Double the current payments to all recipients:  For $1.8 Billion dollars a year we could create an economic boom the world has never seen.  Housing starts will go up, Construction Jobs will go up, Entrepreneurship and new business will soar for either those on Social Security or there children and relatives.  (2)  Create Expanded Medicare for all.  Do away will all Big Pharma Ads on Television and pay Globally Competitive pricing for all Prescriptions.  Walk in Healthcare Clinics will expand exponentially and Doctors will find ways to save lives rather than take them!  Revision Surgeries will become a thing of the past.  Unnecessary Chemo or Radiation will disappear.  People will live 15 years longer because they know they have a secure financial outlook.  (3)  End all wars!  We could simply become the Hessian Soldiers of the Revolution.  Some country needs a well trained fighting force – no problem… the White House.  We will be able to deliver drone forces, missiles and Naval taskforces anywhere……if the price is right!

The potential for electric military vehicles re-charged on the fly will be immense.   Where is my Electrified Abrams Tank?   Elon Musk can get this done in no time, between adding his Commercial Vehicle fleets around the world and his many Space X projects.  Yes, the future looks very bright – but it cannot be much brighter unless we double Social Security payments.  That investment of less than a Trillion dollars a year, will yield a four time return on investment.  We could achieve 7% growth overnight.  People will then continue to buy….continue to help the environment…..continue to flourish……..and the United States of America will BOOM!  Unless of course, The Trumpster wants to bomb North Korean or Iran with a Nuke!  Then, not even Dennis Rodman or Charles Barkley will be able to help us.  Maybe The Trumpster will want to bomb Israel…..just to get all the Palestinians?  We have no idea….what The Trumpster is going to Tweet next or what it all really means.  If someone can get a Vulcan Mind Lock on this guy…..let us all know!

The Coming Economic Boom of 2018!  This is definitely our New Years Resolution!

Now, Let’s Make America Spectacular Again!  Not MAGA – MASA!



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