Why Do Old Fat People Love Donald?

*Let’s face it……Hillary started it.  All she had to do was just dummy up….but she got gay and festive.  She thought she had an insurmountable lead and there was no way that “The Joker” could ever beat her.  When she shouted from the Mountain Top – “Trump has a base of Those Deplorables, who are racist, gun totting, bible belters!”  That may not be the exact quote….but it really doesn’t matter – that was the message.  After Comey came out 10 days before the election with his decision to “cover his own backside”, by saying that Hillary was still under investigation…….well, that just opened the door for Julian Assange, Fast Eddie Snowden and Vlade Putin to Wikileaks and Facebook/Twitter that info into an actual Weapon of Mass Distraction.  So, Hillary lost, in spite of beating “The Joker” by over 3 million votes.  So, we apologize to those that have actually been paying attention – because this opening statement is quite obvious, but necessary to the overall conversation.  We still believe in the Electoral College by the way…..it is as the Founders designed it.

So, let’s take these things one at a time:  (1)  Fat Bald people…..who do they relate to?  Other Fat Bald people!  Voting for the Donald meant that it is totally OK to be fat, out of control of your emotions, mean spirited, lying to themselves about almost anything and of course angry that the younger generation is still out there having unabridged sex with Viagra or Sexual Aids and lotions.  (2)  Gun Culture …. the straight out of the box NRA Right to Bear Arms folks who believed that Hillary was going to go after “their guns”.  Hard to argue that one for Hillary.  Again she failed to understand that ALL the Amendments to the Constitution are just equal and required for our country.  Hillary needed to be very clear that she would work with NRA, become an NRA Member and fight Big Pharma to make sure that every NEW Firearm Purchase or Transfer would require ANYONE in this country to submit to a Mandatory Drug Test, like the TSA Swab Technology uses to test Flight Crews and Public Safety Officials. (3).  Bible Belters – are folks that don’t necessary go to church much, but do watch alot of Tel-Evangelists on the TV.  They love going to Church Socials and Church Sponsored Potluck Dinners.  They love those Humanitarian Junkets to help the downtrodden in Central and South American Countries.  They just couldn’t imagine Hillary sitting next to them at the next Chicken Dinner. (4) Old people want to hang out with Rich folks and “The Donald” was that beautiful, vulgar, blow-hard with all his tragic flaws – more flaws than they even had. The thought that their insignificant lives could actually mean something was overwhelming.  They could put on the Hat and T-Shirt and be part of a real “Populace Movement”.  They didn’t have to be talented, or beautiful, intelligent or believe in him.  They just had to join. (5)  Donald was a great businessman, someone that could lie right in your face and then get away with it or change their mind 10 seconds later.  “Who needed someone responsible in Government anyway….the whole thing is dirty.  The Congress is paid off, the Agencies and Institutions are paid off, retired Congress people go to work as lobbyists.”  Some call it frustration, but more likely it is just a tad of awareness that things like war and most political events are all stageplays anyway….”Who cares who runs the country?”  “Frustration 101!”  And who in the world wants to do that stupid Politics anyway?

Of course the axiom:  “Elections have consequences!” starts to matter when someone takes away their Social Security, their Healthcare, their Public Safety, their belief that tomorrow will arrive without Nuclear Armageddon.  When this diminishing majority (and they realize it bigtime), out of touch (know that the future is moving faster than they can handle it) grasp that they have made the wrong choice….what would grandpa do?  Double down….and cling tenaciously to the wrongheaded decision that got us to this place.  But what to do?  Elect the same toothless, paid off electeds that offered us no look into the future or the past?  How long can the United States continue to be the “laughing stock” of the Globe?

The reality is that people are living longer.  When you look in the obituaries in the newspaper….if you do…you see that most people are living way past their eighties and nineties.  Those with children are facing kids that want them out of the way…..and they are clinging tenaciously to life to make sure that the kids don’t take their home and put them into Elder Care facilities, take their guns and coin collections and silver and piss away whatever they have accumulated over the years.  The best they can do then…..is keep voting for “The Joker”, just to keep everyone off track.

Meanwhile, the future moves on.  Driverless cars are here.  Self-Recharging Electric Cars and Trucks are here.  Alexa is here.  The price of everything is going up and up and up and of course no one is reporting that.  Food and Medicine for starters.  Quality of life has become costly.  The things we once took for granted over the years that we considered staples and affordable are now costly.  You want good water to drink?  You have to buy it.  You want water that doesn’t dry out your skin and contains pesticides and rocket fuel…..you have to buy it or have it treated.  You want electricity……not affordable any more….that price is going up and up because of the demand by electric vehicles.  Those vehicles need to have Self-Charging like the new I-Phone 8.  They should be paying for what they are getting and not passing their usage access on to the rest of us.,,,,  Soon, even the air we breathe will become costly, due to allowing polluting industries like coal, fracking and mining industries unlimited pollution without penalties.  Medical Costs – you can live 1000 years if you have the cash…otherwise…your gone!  New Cars? Toll Roads on every highway? Housing?  Whew!  Now that is a whole new can of old worms.

Hey, let’s all just get back to the Stone Age…..let “The Joker” get us into Thermonuclear War, kill several hundred Million people, injure several hundred million more, take 30 years to rebuild those areas, wait for the Nuclear Winter and never see the Sun for another 200 years.  Let the Biblical Prophesies prevail and bring on those Four Horsemen.  “There is still time brother!”  However, we would like to see a televised “Presidential Golf Tournament – like a Pro-Am – except no best ball just straight up!” before we go to war with North Korea.

Why do old fat people love Donald?  Beats the hell out of us!




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