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The well-known criticisms of Poseidon Resources‘ proposed Huntington Beach desalination plant, from this blog and countless other critics, fall under two categories:  FINANCIAL (an unnecessary and subsidized robbery of tax/ratepayers), and ENVIRONMENTAL (an unnecessary blight on our ocean, coastline, and atmosphere.)

But underlying it all, there’s always the issue of Poseidon Resources itself:  What a bad-acting company, what bad-acting people they are, and how even if we did decide some day that Orange County needs a desal plant (which we don’t now) the last folks we would want to be stuck doing business with the next fifty years is this Boston-based hedge fund group.

Surfrider, in this video that’s well worth your ten minutes, makes that case powerfully, demonstrating the company’s laziness, dishonesty and greed, and the terrible record they’ve already chalked up at their Carlsbad plant – something many decision-makers were waiting to see.

And at 6 minutes Surfrider is joined by a representative of Azul, an actual grassroots Latino environmental group – a most welcome corrective to the paid-off vendidos in LULAC and political office.  Watch now!

SO. Where are we, in the long struggle to stop this thing from happening, and where is Poseidon in its long struggle to make it happen?  Due to screwups too numerous and convoluted to describe here, Poseidon has next to face:  1. a State Lands Commissions hearing on Oct. 19 (place to be announced here), THEN if they’re successful, a Regional Water Quality Board hearing;  and FINALLY probably late next year, back to the Coastal Commission.

The best people for you to be in touch with if you want to help fight Poseidon is Huntington Beach’s grassroots “Residents For Responsible Desalination”  (R4RD.)   And in fact they are having another town hall about this, coming up Wednesday night October 11 at 7pm, at Eader School in Southeast HB.  You-all should go!  We’ll remind you when it gets closer.  – Vern.

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