The New Economy with Trumpsterisms that will work, even for the Poor People




Tax breaks for only the rich.  What a concept.  Special write offs for the purchase of  Multi-Million dollar plus residences, Yachts, Aircraft and Exotic Cars.  Make over $8 million dollars a year…..NO Tax!  Zero!  No more Death Taxes.  The Walmarts of the world can rejoice and realize their life long savings and profits of $80 Billion dollars will never be taxed again.  OK, the rich can buy and sell all of the property they want without paying any taxes.  The Rich can make multi-million dollar profits on Stocks, Equities, Junk Bonds, Debtor Prison Hedge Funds or anything else they want.  OK…..that takes care of our over-taxed rich people.  They don’t need to take their money out of the country…but they can buy small islands or countries all over the world.  Don’t forget:  “The rich always get richer!”  These folks won’t have to hire high priced CPA’s, Financial Planner, Real Estate Agents or anyone else….they can do it all themselves.  Welcome to Trump World…..where every rich person is granted a free membership in Mar-a-lago or an Affiliate Trump Property, with Annual fees that are refunded based on how much you buy at each Resort.

OK, what about the great Middle Class in the United States?  They make between $55,000 and $162,000 dollars a year.  These are Small Business owners, High Tech Engineers and Developers, the Highly Educated Teaching Professionals, Public Safety, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Electricians and Plumbers, Building Construction and Land Developers.  How much should they pay for taxation?  How about when should they have to retire?  How much should they make when they retire?  Once they retire, should they ever pay taxes again?  When they retire, who should replace them?  The truth is:  They will all need to retire in the new Trump Economy at age 50!  They will all have to make 85% of what they made in wages during the previous five years…and that money should come from the government, in the form of a Universal Basic Retirement Income.  They too will not need to pay taxes any longer.  They too can either keep their savings in the United States or buy property in any foreign country they want.  They can buy that island someplace and have the government send them their month check as long as they live.  Their wives or other family members can also get the same amount by simply filling out a form. Their Healthcare will be provided in the form of a Single Payer plan – paid for completely by the government.

How about the working Poor?  The Single mom, working three jobs to put a roof over the head of herself and three kids?  The Single Dad with his two daughters living a camper along the side of the road?  What about the ill, the depressed and the suppressed that can’t ever find a job?  At age 50 they too can retire and get the Base Rate of $55,000 dollars a year, with Cost of Living Adjustments – of course.  By creating a mandatory retirement age of 50 years, this will make room for the younger generation who can find jobs more easily.  We can still import Legal Braceros, from any number of countries, to come across the border to harvest our crops, cook our food, build our buildings, repair our roads, fix our roofs, install our new carpets, make repairs and additions to kitchens and bathrooms.   The secret to our success of Making America Great Again, will begin with a Guaranteed Basic Universal Annual Wage with Complimentary Health Care.  Now the question remains:  How much will all that cost?  About $5-%10 Trillion dollars a year.  The good news is:  We won’t need any Big Pharma Ads on television anymore.  The good news is: We can all buy new cars every year, afford our rent or the purchase of a home, send our aging children to the University or College of their choice.  We will all be living in an Ozzie and Harriet world, with two great looking kids like Ricky and David Nelson.  We won’t need wars – our kids can all go to the old empty malls and play endless paintball and virtual video games.  They can go virtual hunting for terrorists, bad guys, lions and tigers or anything else their empty little brains might come up with.

We will lock down our borders when we want to.  We can feel safe going to MacDonalds, Burger King and the Soup Plantation.  We can be amazed that no one abuses their wives or girlfriends, children, parents or neighbors and close friends.  We can all attend virtual Vern Nelson concerts and enjoy the class room teachings of Dr. Greg Diamond about Political Realities and Practicalities in our society.  Finally we will have a society where Trumpsterism/Consumerism can prevail.  Everything we buy will have an Ivanka brand on it.  Everything we eat will have a Trumpster stamp of approval on it.  Yes, there will be Peace in our time!  The day that everyone can retire at 50 and make 85% of whatever they were making before they retired.  Time to just make room, so the younger generations can chase the diminishing job market.  No more Fossil Fuel, Total Automation of all Industries, 3-D Manufacturing, Driverless Commercial and Private vehicles, DNA Boutique Healthcare – get your Tri-corder Readings at any Mall or Super Market, Cell Phones that can re-charge themselves via Solar Farms subscriptions …and the list will go on and on and on!

Back in 1965, Martin Luther King suggested that the Poor Blacks of America receive $6,000 dollars a year as a Guaranteed Basic Universal Wage.  The Trumpster seems to be following suit to MLK’s remarks.  Only, a lot bigger……of course!  Now there are those who will think these ideas are total bunk.  There are those that will think this article is just a parody piece to make a few people smile, smirk or laugh.  There are those who will take these ideas and make them “their own”.  To all we say:  Gratefully, we live in a free country….today……and you are more than welcome to read into any of these remarks – just as you wish:  with us being happy that we live in the greatest country on earth.  Truth, Justice and the American way!  Unless of course, you are presently in the Family Way – which can or could make things more complex in this day and age!

The New Economy with Trumpsterisms that will work; even for the Poor People!

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