The FROGUE Files: Son of Lake Forest Holocaust Denier now helping Trump Ruin Your Healthcare!




By Professor Roy Bauer
Cross-posted from “Dissent, the Blog.”

Jim Frogue standing, hand on hip, behind his idol Trump.

My two little brothers attended El Toro High School in Lake Forest. I happened to notice recently that a “James Frogue” attended that school, class of ’89. That would make James about 45 years old today. Might he be the son of longtime Lake Forest resident and notorious one-time South OC Community College District trustee Steve Frogue? You’ll recall that the latter was to college trusteeship what Trump has been to the Presidency: a destroyer, a ridiculoid. An apocalyptic clown. An amazing asshole from Hell.

Now, as it turns out, there’s a highly successful Washington lobbyist named “Jim” R. Frogue. Until about 2010, he worked for the odious Newt Gingrich. Nowadays, he lobbies for Eli Lilly among other horrifying organizations. Starting in 2010, he’s been running his successful lobbying firm but he took a few months off in 2016 to serve as candidate Donald Trump’s chief health policy advisor. That’s right! He hung out for several months at Trump Tower, planning our medical futures! He’s a big fish in the Trumpian pond of bottom-feeding money-grubbers.

The healthcare-denial lobbyist hard at work.

And get this: he’s 45 years old and there are indications that he might hail from Lake Forest!

Could it be that Jim R. Frogue, bigtime Trump advisor, is son of Steven J. Frogue, small-time Holocaust denier?

I’ve learned that Jim Frogue attended USC. I recall that one of the first articles about Steve Frogue, back in the 90s, noted, not only that Steve and his wife raised two sons (in Lake Forest), but that the couple “paid both boys’ expenses at affluent, private USC.” (See Studying the Lessons of Steven J. Frogue [Times, 1996])


Frogue the elder, famed holocaust denier and SOCCCD trustee.

If you check those sites that dig up people’s records (I just get their “free” info), you’ll find indications that, among Lake Forest resident Steven J. Frogue’s relatives is a “James” R. Frogue.

The son? The lobbyist? The Trumpian lieutenant?!

Jim R. Frogue’s Facebook page indicates that the fellow does indeed hail from Lake Forest. He flat out says so.

I figure that settles it. “Trump Team” Froguester is indeed one and the same as scion of district-ruining Froguester.


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