OC now has only THREE majority-Republican cities – Guess which they are?




Well I hope you tried to guess, but I won’t waste your time any more – it’s Yorba Linda (home of Islamophobes and white supremacists), Newport Beach (home of Scott Peotter’s anti-gay crusades and Dave Ellis’ mean corruption), and little Villa Park.  That one shouldn’t even count – Deborah Pauly’s village is just a handful of people that thought they were too good for the rest of Orange, and you can blink safely while driving through it and be none the wiser.  [See the above map, the little sad elephant totally covers it!]

Of course this factoid (which I got from the Sacramento Bee, hat-tip Scott Lay) doesn’t mean that there aren’t any others where Republicans outnumber Democrats – it’s of course the rapidly growing number of independents (sorry I mean Decline to State) that is the wild card.  Scott chooses this excerpt for his “Nooner” e-mail today:

Fifteen years ago, Republicans comprised more than half of the voters in 66 of California’s 482 cities. Today, they are a majority in just 14 cities, according to the latest data from the California Secretary of State.

The population of those 14 cities represent less than 1 percent of the state’s city dwellers.

By contrast, the number of cities where most voters are Democrats has remained fairly steady at around 140 during the last 15 years.

No political party captures more than 50 percent of voters in 328 California cities, largely due to voters that decline to state a party preference. Democrats outnumber Republicans in 201 of those 328 cities.

Okay, now I’m curious, and will go the extra mile to find out for you and me both – which OC towns have Democratic majorities, which have Democratic pluralities, and which have Republican pluralities?  

  • Democratic majority – only Santa Ana.  🙁
  • More Dems than Reeps but still less than 50% – Anaheim, Buena Park, La Habra, Laguna Beach, Stanton.  AND… (update) Irvine, Fullerton, Garden Grove,Tustin, and La Palma – TEN CITIES!
  • More Reeps than Dems – all the others.

What a big comedown from when we were the “bastion of California conservatism,” and I felt like being partisan tonight! Now, if only my people would vote.


I had fun last week at the Anaheim Democrats Club listening to Josh Newman discuss the dishonest tricks of the recall against him, strongly defend his votes for the Transportation Bill and other controversial legislation, and talk about how California’s Republican Party had “really EARNED their superminority status.”  He described how no matter WHAT the senate votes on, no matter how mundane and utterly costless, the GOP leadership turns to their caucus and draws their finger sternly across their necks in a gesture of decapitation.  The Party Of No.



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