Bauman Reportedly Spurns Independent Forensic Audit of CDP Chair Election




Which of them was legitimately elected as CDP Chair?  Bauman doesn’t want to risk finding out.

Kimberly Ellis … 4 mins … #PressRelease

Bauman Refuses Request for Independent Forensic Audit

OAKLAND, Calif. (June 2, 2017): Eric Bauman has rejected the request by the Ellis campaign for an independent forensic audit, which was formally submitted for consideration on Tuesday through legal counsel. While the Ellis campaign’s review of the ballot is ongoing, initial inspection uncovered alarming discrepancies and an amassing of ineligible voters to change the outcome of the election, warranting a call for an independent expert to intervene and validate the vote.

Because of the magnitude of the concerns, the Ellis campaign firmly believes any allegation raised should be accompanied by verified evidence from a credentialed, independent professional. The Ellis campaign recognizes that their position is not impartial and have requested that an outside independent firm step in and conduct a complete forensic audit so that the voting delegation has confidence in the neutrality of the assessment.

Kaufman Legal Group, which jointly represents Eric Bauman’s campaign and now the California Democratic Party, was provided specific requests, including a formal legal demand for preservation of records. The Ellis campaign continues to seek an inclusive and collaborative remedy to validate the election outcome. Should their efforts towards reconciliation not be returned, the Ellis campaign reserves its right to seek remedy in other venues.

As per the CDP’s Bylaws, the ratification of any officer race is subject to challenge, and no certification can take place until the challenge is resolved. As such, the Ellis campaign requested that an interim Chair serve until the election is certified. Bauman refuted this interpretation and instead has claimed his authority to serve as Chair.

“Eric’s rejection of an independent forensic audit is well beyond troubling. If everything was done on the up-and-up, what is there to hide?,” said Hilary Crosby, immediate past Controller of the CDP. “We’re the largest Democratic Party in the country; are we really saying we don’t know how to run a fair, transparent and impartial election, where the outcome is not in question? Instead of calls for unity, we should be calling for truth, because if we can’t agree on the facts, how can we agree on how to move forward.”

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