The Sword of Allah




News coverage of the Trumpster visit to Saudi Arabia was fantastic.  Every channel covered the splendor in the grass, the wonderfulness of the grandeur that the Saudi’s laid on the Trumpster Entourage!  Wow!  Pretty darn impressive.  The Abdullah himself laid the Gold Medal of Gratefulness on the Trumpster in a display of kindness and congeniality seldom witnessed on the world stage.  Then came “the Speech” today by someone who apparently loves to talk down to folks and does not really think they are: President of the United States or Owner of the World – but God!

The faces in the crowd told everything.  As the eyes glazed over and the Trumpster wagged his finger in their faces, time and time again – it wasn’t Space Science to realize that he had “Lost the Crowd”.  There were no great moments of “stoppage for applause by the crowd”.  The faces were twisted, contorted and too many times looking into the ether’s and praying for a quick conclusion to the remarks, which seemed too long, too strong, too sophomoric and too recalcitrant for words.  Over 40 minutes and counting!  As the Saudi’s watched in disbelief that someone would come into their house, after offering their wonderful hospitality and then being treated like “the sand people” from Star Wars!  It was a sad day for the United States, with multiple messages, tied to a Arm Deals for the strongest Sunni force in the Middle East…and most importantly a disrespect for Muslims in general.  As we all realize, the Arms Deal of $110 or $320 Billion dollars is chump change when compared to propping up the price of  global oil.  We really all need to go back and watch “Lawrence of Arabia” – the Director’s cut… understand that women are always considered less in value than a good Arabian horse or 600 Mercedes to begin with……

Well, today, as all the major news services claim this to be a total victory lap for the Trump Administration…..we do wish everyone well – but we are a bit too realistic to be very optimistic.  Just look at the faces of the crowd.  Just look at the hand movements of the speaker.  Just look at what is going to happen and the Global reaction across the Muslim world.  Let’s hear it from the Shiite Clerics too…eh?

Back in 2015 we warned Hillary:  “Do not make those annoying waving hand gestures…in front of your face that blocks the camera’s view.”  She did not listen.  We now say to the President:  “Do not use any of your constantly, redundant frustrating hand gestures…..ever!” Not now, not ever!  Not in Israel, Not in Rome and not in Sicily!  Will the President take this sage advice?  We will soon see what the Arab Sword of Allah……will bring!  As we have found out all too convincingly: Comments Do Have Consequences!

Hopefully, “All’s Well that Ends Well!”,  or perhaps:  “The Hajj – or Pilgrimage to Mecca is long… – so good-by and good luck!”

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