With Epting back, HB Community Forum goes to hell again: A thread for those in exile.




Daly and Epting – not a good combination.

Vern (although this thread was Greg’s idea) : First of all, since Michael Daly’s Huntington Beach Community Forum (HBCF) has become a place where any member (such as, usually, “Christian” Epting) can slander you to his heart’s content while you can’t defend yourself because Michael has banned you, I think we should allow one of his most frequent victims, Victor Valladares of the Oak View ComUNIDAD and Democratic Party of OC, to defend himself on video first. (You can probably get the picture well enough without the background that I might supply later…)

This is for all my stalkers out there.

Posted by Victor Valladares on Friday, April 14, 2017


On a recent HB post I wrote something like this – We can now identify three eras of HBCF:

2014 – early 2015: Stridently in opposition to environmentalists, especially then-councilmembers Joe Shaw and Connie Boardman; dominated by Epting; tolerant of Vern until Epting demanded that Vern be banned.

Most of 2015 and 2016: Epting banned for his nastiness and being a control freak; Vern welcomed back.  Mostly in opposition to high-density development and government corruption; also mostly supportive of Gina CT’s and Oak View’s struggle against Rainbow dump.

Late 2016 to present: Vern banned, Victor banned, Epting welcomed back and back in control.  Fixated mainly on denial of any racism in HB and attacks on Oak View and Gina.

And Chris, as he was with his 2014 victims, has been obsessively attacking and lying about Gina and our Oak View friends, in the safe comfort of their being banned. That’s pretty much why Greg started this post. Here is his original illustration:

Michael Daly is redecorating his HB Community Forum in a lighter monotone.

Greg’s original post: Michael Daly of the Huntington Beach Community Forum has apparently re-embraced Chris “Christian” Epting there and booted our friend Victor Valladares and spiked commentary from our friend Oscar Rodriguez.

Well, if you can’t zap the white eggplant there, and you don’t want to disturb the wonderful ecosystem of the Oak View Community Forum with rancor — you can do it here!  Post your comments right here and then as many people as would like to can port them over the HBCF until Daly gets the idea that he’s backed the wrong horse.

“Christian” can post here as well — so don’t libel him!  That means don’t say things about him that you know to be false; also don’t threaten violence.  You can tell him exactly what you DO thing, though — your opinions are protected, and WE don’t have to be nice at all!

On this comment section, discourse upon these matters, within reasonable bounds of discretion and defamation — no, I meant DECORUM!

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