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They say: “That it is the Art of Politics that makes all the difference.”  D.J. Trump is adding to this proliferation of thought.  When someone is arrogant, self promoting and disregards the feelings and knowledge of others, they become very unattractive and are destined for the ash heap of history no matter how right or wrong they may be on issues.  “It’s not what you say, it is how you say it…..”, the pundits of old had adhered to this concept for years.  When the Ultra Liberal Gore Vidal debated William Buckley on National Television back in the 1960’s, the great intellectual divide between the and vision and world that Barry Goldwater saw and that of LBJ were immense.  The dialogue was not only stimulating but also cohesive and within the greater parameters of common decency.  Anything else would have been vile and repugnant.

During the election of 1964, Goldwater was considered an Ultra Conservative, believing in Tariffs, Job Protection for American Workers and Domestic Fiscal Responsibility. Barry was an Air Force Reserve General and believed in a strong US Military, but one that cut out the waste, fraud and abuses.  Barry certainly wanted to take care of the Defense Industry and was strong on Social Justice Issues in spite of being portrayed as a stealth Zionist and War Monger.  Barry wanted to bomb Hanoi back in 1962!  By the way, Barry Goldwater did not have anything to do with the JFK Assassination that we can find.  The famous LBJ political ad of the young girl holding the flower as the nuclear bomb is detonated in the background….was a not so subtle hit on Goldwater…..that Nuclear War would ensue and be a certainty during a Goldwater Administration. LBJ won in a landslide!  To be fare, Goldwater did say….that he would not take off the use of nuclear weapons in certain conditions.

LBJ was simply in the pocket of Big Money in this country.  The Cabal that took out Kennedy, fully supported LBJ and the expansion of the Vietnam War.  Those of us can remember that the Cars of the 1960’s were the most powerful, stylish and beautiful.  We still had 2nd Amendment Guns rights until the passage of the 1968 Firearms Act.  We still had 4th, 5th and 10th Amendment Rights and personal  freedom of expression.  There were plenty of jobs to choose from too!  When LBJ was elected, he got his own larger piece of the action and pound of flesh, in exchange for following up and taking credit for the Civil Rights Act, (that the Kennedy’s had already promoted) and the Voting Rights Act.  As the former Dean of the Senate, he used his political skill like a razor when dealing with Southern Democrats or Moderate  Midwest Senators.  As every college drop out and black kid in the nation got taken off streets that were exploding – they were sent to Vietnam to kill little yellow people in the name of protecting the Oil Reserves of Southeast Asia and the Domino Theory.  Even though, Mao’s Mainland Red China already held 60% of the land mass of Asia.  The Governments of India and Pakistan also stood with Mao, Cuba and Central and South America were also Communists, so the concept was to stop the flow “someplace”.  The French Colonialists couldn’t do it and that left the United States…..they said.  

Meanwhile, all of Colonial Africa was inflames; Angola, Rhodesia and the Congo, plus most of West Africa.  Only Liberia stood against the tide of Anti-Colonialism  on the Dark Continent, with its so-called democracy and relationship on shipping with and for the United States.  The LBJ Great Society Idea….of colonizing Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and taking their oil and natural resources never panned out,even with the eventual help of Kissenger and Nixon.  The Russians stayed out of most things except a tiff with China on that border and sending a few troops along with Cuba to Africa.  They were also making nice, nice in the middle east with Egypt and Libya!

Social Justice in the World was the issue that no one seemed to find an answer to, unless it involved military intervention.  The Rich had their money, the powerful had their control and lifestyle.  Middle Class American had pretty good food, affordable housing, affordable health care and the ability for one member of the family to put a roof over the heads for a family of four.  Jobs were competitive but available for high school graduates.  Hispanics worked the fields and hard physical work of all kinds.  Blacks worked in car washes, on construction sites and even the steel industry.  Anything that required huge physical effort.  From the days of John Henry through the 1960’s blacks and hispanics were relegated to their own neighborhoods.  They mostly lived in peace, with occasional Church Preachers and Drug Dealers adding it all to the social mix of consciousness.  MLK and RFK brought and kept hope alive for these folks.  The social changes they thought “were possible – if not probable”.  Maybe Malcolm X, maybe the alphabet soup of different Black Rights Groups could make a difference.  Maybe Jim Crow laws that restricted the voting of blacks in the South, would change.  Maybe!  With Malcolm X, MLK, JFK, RFK, Marvin Gaye gone…….so went the hope!

Women found their freedom in the 1960’s, with the Pill, 8-Track audio tapes, sexual freedom, moving from Tiajuana comic books to full fledged 8 Millimeter Pornography Films. Bra Burning, Short Skirts, Inter-racial dating, Women in Politics, Women proliferating the work place, because all the youth had been taken to the war in Vietnam.  Those jobs would become harder for the boys to get back, once they returned.  Women were very efficient, smarter in most cases and only held back because: “you’re a women and will just get knocked up and leave this job anyway!” or “You just want to find a place to find a husband!  You don’t want a career!” “its a waste to send you to college, you’re just going to get married anyway!” was the mentality.  Women also could be paid half of what a man would be paid for the same job.

Globally, Europe was catching on to the United States game plan:  Control the price of Oil, Gold and all the Commodities, borrow money and cause inflation in the the Military, Industrial Complex.  Charles DeGaulle called it as it was and was soon seen as a French Commie Sympathizer.  DeGaulle called in the trade deficit we had with France for French Wine and Cheese with a demand for Fort Knox Gold in Payment – Not Fiat, Fed Printed Bank Notes.  Soon our Gold Reserves were plummeting and others in the Global Community followed suit.  Nixon panicked and changed the payments from Solid Gold to “A basket of Currencies – which included the prime factor – the US Dollar as the center piece.”  Obviously, the other currencies selected were very accommodating to our US Dollar.  International Banks soon flourished – passing American Currency around the Globe physically – before Windows and the Digital Revolution.

Those Republican 1960’s included a grand divide within the Republican Party….the Extreme Moderates 20%, the Moderates 58% and the Conservatives which only amounted to about 22% of the party.  The Extreme Moderates included Earl Warren, Nelson Rockefeller and his brother David, the Moderates included Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon and the Conservatives – a few leftover Goldwater Girls, some Radio and Television Talk Show hosts which included, Joe Pyne, Robert K. Dornan and the Southern Democrats…called Dixiecrats in the 1940’s.  Many Republicans were taking the traditional places of Democrats in the South and in the Farm Belt Areas.  Farm Subsidies was a huge issue….being paid by the Federal Government to either plant or NOT plant certain crops.  This of course soon created the Big Pharma and Mega-mergers of Farm Communities from being just considered Independent Co-ops, to the likes of Arthur Daniels Midland and others.  Big Unions called the shots for wages for Auto Workers, Steel Workers and the Transportation Industries.

The Globalization of Big Pharma was underway with the likes of Bayer of Germany and Merck and Johnson and Johnson, Squibb and 100 more all joining forces, first in research facilities in Universities around the world, the Independent Researchers and with the assistance Major Chemical Companies like Dow, Monsanto and others.  You have to remember that most individual prescription drugs were manufactured in the countries that developed those drugs – Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States.  The now eternal connection between Big Pharma and Big Chema had its beginnings in the 1960’s!  We had a population of a little under 195 million people back then.  We stood on the precipice of Equal Rights, Gender Equality and a Society based on Social Justice.

So, as we stand here some 50 years later and look at our country, its infrastructure, the composition of its Industries, the social fabric and wonder what we have accomplished and what we have not.  Some facts:  We live in a Global Society, with Global Responsibilities and Global Economic Implications.  A sustainable Health Care System will include a system that is comparable and competitive with those in the Global Society in which we live.  Without accelerated Immigration, our society will fail, because it is solely based on consumerism and a very aging population. The only things we are exporting are Military goods and our Arga products.  All pricing for goods has become Global via Internet Transfers and Buying.  The only new businesses that will be sustainable are those “yet to be invented”.  The race to the bottom is here.  The Aging of America is here.  The Cost of Healthcare will rise exponentially unless the entire Health Care system is adopted to a Medicare/Medicaid System for all.  The rich will always be able to buy “better coverage”, but only if – they are willing to pay for it.  Doctor’s may soon be put on a Retainer, much as they do in China and be on call for any patient that has a policy with them.  The concept will be simple, The Lead Doctor you have Retained, pays each and every other Doctor, Lab or Imaging Center that he sends you to. The rest of us will simply insert our chip Health ID card: to identify ourselves as having been serviced by the rationed Health Care System that the Republicans can’t wait to put in place.  The good news is….that all our Health Records will be Digital and available to anyone that wants to see them or use them or edit them…..much like our voting record and/or our bank accounts.

As everyone can see – Political Town Halls are very popular – even today.   As the saying goes:  “Be Afraid Republicans….be very afraid of a motivated public!”.  Those politicians that do not have town halls, will be gone soon enough.  The time has come for the Republican Party to declare itself “available” to and for all walks of life, all ethnic backgrounds and against all efforts by moneyed interests to thwart their quest for Social Justice and Equality for all – it is time for a new Republican Progressive branch of the party.  The Democrats are doing so as we speak to these issues.  The Republicans desire to go shoulder to shoulder over the cliff with Donald J. Trump is not advisable.  The elections of 2018 will be monumental, and the Republicans are already behind the curve on that one….with the elections of 2020 following quickly and again monumental.  It is the time NOW to declare your Independence of thought Republican Electeds, have that vision thing and deal right to take full responsibility for your every action, vote and comment you utter.

The New Republican Progressive Party………..or do you want to never see another West Coast or East Coast Voter again?





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