The New Immigrants: “Bring us your rich, your brilliant and opulent…..only!”




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The 1965 Immigration Act…..changed everything says Tom Gjelten in his new book “Nation of Nations”!  The evil (our interpretation) LBJ again was responsible for the End Times of the Eisenhower Years and what we knew as a predominately European White America.  Gjelten points out “People of Color” were targeted to come to America after 1965 (60-40 Split) to replace the European majority (80-20) that had previously been our immigrants of choice! Oddly enough, in 1964 was also the end of the “Bracero Program” for American Farmers which allowed them to pay Seasonal Workers from Mexico or Central America 15 cents an hour.   White Farm Workers got 50 cents an hour.  This is what got Cesar Chavez started, no doubt!  As Tip O’Neill might say:  “All politics is local!”

With the anti-immigrant mood spiraling up in 2016……The Donald Trump Metaphorical Wall……is coming.  Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual?  Who knows?  The Congress has been very shy over the last 28 years to change immigration policy or laws.  What has happened is that the legal “Braceros” of old have become “the undocumented of today”.  What has happened is that people escaping war zones and social problems around the world are coming here and overstaying their Visas and becoming “undocumented residents”.  Meanwhile, the Global and US Companies with workers here in the United States are bringing in other high tech workers, medical professional researchers and others for free University technical researcher for Sub Contracted companies with HI-B and four other variants of Visas to take and replace high priced domestic graduate students and researchers.  These people are paid either matching or sub standard wages, provided housing and in some cases autos and food vouchers for themselves and sometimes their entire families.  The big lie is that “We have open borders!” Terms like “undocumented workers”, “illegal and criminal elements of immigrants”,   “rapists, killers, drug dealers and corrupt investors” may certainly be here, but the laws that already exist are the culprits which need changing.  Our borders are open as long as “cheap labor” is being required while American business just “keeps their trap shut!”

If we do look at countries that do restrict their “immigration” and make it very tough to become citizens, you have to look at Canada, Australia, Denmark and now a raft of others starkly afraid of a Muslim Invasion of their country.   Australia for years has required a financial deposit into their country to even attempt to immigrate.  Others still require the old “Sponsor System”, which requires a current citizen and someone that is totally and financially responsible for them while living in country.   Nations like France, Germany and Sweden that have opened their doors to Syrian Refugees are finding it difficult to deal with “Enclaves” and “Sequestered Zones” which hide their own “Juvenile Delinquents or Terrorists” depending on what phone they use or what they text to the their friends.  Cultural differences include “Honor Killings” of their own family members, hiding gang activities within their own Mosque System depending ou their own interpretation of Sunni or Shiite Doctrine.  Taking the time to understand the major differences within the Muslim community has been troubling and certainly not impressive by any Governmental or Social Organizations including Churches and Synagogues!  The Muslim Community also doesn’t demand time on any media to disclose their own differences.  Why?

So what are the solutions:  The first step of course is to create a self destructing Visa page in every Passport stamped with entry into the United States.  Overstay your Visa by 30 days and the Page burns up and a GPS locator is activated.  Simple technology.  The 2nd thing to do is create another “Bracero Program” based upon a modern “Wage and Medical Program” for a period of up to eight months a year.  The 3rd step is of course to halt family immigration immediately.  Those on H1-B or other Work or Student Visas should not be allowed to bring any family members with them until they get their Green Card or Naturalization Papers.  The tradition of becoming an American Citizen if you are born here….should remain.  If you mother is deported… must go to until you’re 18 or until your mother is admitted legally into our country.  Children should be allowed to have dual citizenship upon turning a legal age.

Sadly, shutting our borders completely guarantees an economic collapse of amazing proportions.  Imagine closing every Costco, Walmart and Rite-Aid in the Country overnight?  The Statue of Liberty says:  “Bring us your poor, your tired, your hungry…..” –  In California, we still believe in these things.  Elsewhere in our country it seems that the doors to our borders will only accept: “The Rich, the Brilliant and the Opulent….only!”  What these means of course… that these are the very cheap people who only buy high dollar cars and trucks and homes.  These are the same people who will take away all the so-called middle class jobs for their kids and their brother in laws.

In our opinion; The new Republican led Congress will have to pass”meaningful immigration reform” or face extinction at the next election in 2018.  The Republican led Congress will have to allow “Amnesty for 11 Million Undocumented Workers, currently in this country” or face extinction at the next election in 2018.  The Republican led Congress is going to have to deal with the National Homeless Issue or face extinction in 2018.  The Democrats had also better take notice and think Bipartisan on all three of these issues!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!

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