Art of the Trade and our Global Mushroom Economy!




“Both Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush want to pass NAFTA!  There will be a giant sucking sound as every manufacturing job in America leaves for lower wages in other countries!”  quote from Ross Perot during 1992 US Presidential Campaign.

To grasp the meaning of a Global Economy, we have to grasp the huge drive during the mid 1980’s to control our industrial pollution in the United States.  Waterways, rivers, lakes, oceans, landfills, chemical and manufacturing plants, air quality, highways, roads, even air travel brought huge pollution problems to our country.  Few people grasp how bad the condition of our country’s infrastructure was, from the Coal Mines of West Virginia, to the Steel Manufacturing in Pennsylvania and Ohio, to the Textile Mills of North and South Carolina, to the Tobacco Farmers of Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky.  Yes, we had good paying, high risk jobs.  Steel Workers were making $28 dollars an hour in 1980!  Life Magazine rejoiced in showing Native American Steel Workers walking across an 12 inch beam at 800 feet in the air, with just a hard hat.  That steel was made in the United States.  Then!  Remember Acid Rain?  We still have it folks!  Remember Smog?  Ask any Chinese in Beijing or any of those living in New Delhi.  We still have it……and you can even see it when you get on a plane and travel across the United States or Europe… at 38,000 feet.

If we step back further to before World War II, the United States was dumping its excess crude oil to the Empire of Japan, until Adolph Hitler attacked Poland in 1939 and oil exports shifted to England and our other Allies.  When Japan attacked Manchuria, the United States had no problem selling all the oil that Japan wanted for their work machine.  In exchange, the United States got a demur on Rubber products and plantations in the Phillipines, Malaysia and Singapore.  When the trade war came and we cut off the export of oil to Japan, the Militarism of Japan had to look for other supplies including Southeast Asia.  After World War II, through most of the 50’s and 60’s,  many of us might remember – that the only products we got from Japan were tin and paper childrens toys!  The first VW from Germany came to the United States in 1948.  The first Toyotas from Japan in 1956!  The first Fiats from Italy in 1958!  High Tariffs were in place for most of the Exotic Cars like the British Rolls Royce or Triumph Sports Cars which might actually compete with some of our Detroit Irons!   The Gray Market in European Autos started to raise its ugly head. The Big Four US Automakers were creating environmental disasters around our country where their sub-contractors produced a variety of major parts for the booming Auto Industry.  Plastic Parts, Electronic Wiring, Bearings, Iron and Steel Transmission and Engine Parts without enough environmental safeguards..  The dark smoke was rising as immigration raised the demand for more cars, roads, transportation, food and housing.  Meanwhile, Unions demanded better wages for workers exposed to these environmental dangers.  Japan refused to buy American, but were more than willing to sell to Americans.  The Germans built cars expressly for the US Market and kept all the best vehicles for themselves.

The two major concerns of the Bill Clinton Administration in 1992 were healthcare and the environment.  That meant;  move American Manufacturing out of the United States!  The Republicans Agreed.  The new Environmental Laws were going to cost lots of money and in the end a great deal of added product costs…..which are always passed along to the consumers.  The impact to the economy require an immediate short term fix, a quick dumping of American products onto the world stage to balance our payments and keep the trade deficits under control…at least.  We might all recall that ADM – Arthur Daniels Midland was one of the top Corporate Farmers in America.  They were key in sponsoring a variety of television programs including Meet the Press and the McLaughlin Group in the 1990’s!  Dan Glickman was Secretary of Agriculture under the Clinton’s and was pivotal in shipping our best Agricultural products around the globe to every remote vacation destination, including most of the Caribbean Islands, 5-Star Hotels around the world and even to places like Club Med locations scattered around the world.  The Clinton Administration started shipping our best diary and vegetables out to the open markets of the world.  In exchange we got sub standard vegetables from Central and South America and Mexico.  Manufacturing was already going to Canada for years….with the Windsor Ford Engine for example…..just across the border from Detroit.  The Can-Am racing series stimulated more trade with Canada for sub-contracted parts.  A world without borders became the “name of the game”!

Following the transfer of our manufacturing and environmental problems to China, India and elsewhere…banking was quick to follow.  The inter-mingling of US Funds, with the Tigers of Asia, Mexico and the “soon to be” European Community….left countries independent of these policies like Yugoslavia….Bulgaria…….Poland…..and Romania……in a tough position.  They had been the manufacturing  and environmental backwater for many countries including Russia.  Yugoslavia was the most successful, producing Washers and Dryers and Electronic products for both the East and the West.  As the Albania Border Insurrection was created, by who knows who, Milosevic stepped up to quash the Albania aggression. Competition for the International Market in Electronics created “an event”….by which Yugoslavia was eventually dissected.

The center of world trade in Opium and Black Pakistani Hash was Afghanistan.   The market in Opium stems from the desire of the Drug Cartel to make sure people around the world will eventually be hooked on Opioid Addiction.  The Dark Force of Organized Oligarchy Crime Syndicates call these wars and shots.  Welcome to the Global Economy.  Take away the Manufacturing jobs….and you take away the workers that belong to Unions and their National Power Base. In 1999, Jeff Skillings, Ken Lay and Bernie Madoff took the Art of the Trade to a new level – with Leveraged Funded Hedge Funds and Derivatives based on meaningless concepts.  Skillings said in 1999 to the Wall Street Journal….”We are creating a Billion Dollar Investment Hedge Fund based on the number of days of sun that Washington D.C. will have in 2000!”…The journalists all said:  “You are kidding right?”  Skillings responded:  “Absolutely not!”   The bubble burst Globally in 2007…….welcome to the One World Order and the Global Economy!  Calpers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac….all became victims along with over 3 million undersubscribed home owners, losing their homes, their pensions and in many cases their jobs.

So, the fundamental questions remain:  What is “The Art of the Trade”?  Do any trade negotiations include wage, environmental and banking protections?  Will manufacturing ever come back to the United States?  What new jobs can an American Coal Miner be trained for in the New Economy?  Can the United States sustain itself without constant Immigration?  Will the American Standard of Living  be reduced or will we finally be simply priced out of the system and onto the street?  What happens when people around the globe don’t want to eat GMO cardboard food anymore?  What happens when……..Donald Trump cannot do..The Art of the Trade”?

Our Mushroom Global Economy does exist.  Why people do not understand that we cannot go back, is beyond us.  The Pandora’s Box has been opened and we cannot put “The Genie back into the bottle!”  We are going to have to get along or kill about 2 billion people and make this planet uninhabitable for 2000 years.  This means, we need to raise Social Security payments so people can afford food and lodging.  This means that we need Single Payer Healthcare so everyone can afford the prescription drugs they need for cures!  This means we need to release the new technology in medicine.  This means we need a whole new Social Contract which includes not only every American, but every human being on this planet.  This means that meaningful population standards be set for every corner of our Global Society.  This means that we “the people” are very tired of not being told the entire story of this tiny planet called “Earth”!

Time to finally sweep away the mushrooms and bring in the light!

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