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The original 13 states that cobbled together the Electoral College -- Vermont and Maine not among them -- and four other early adopters that made us regret it.

The original 13 states that cobbled together the Electoral College — Vermont and Maine not among them — and four other early adopters that made us regret it.

Observation of the aftermath of the November 8th election is fast becoming a real hoot!  When you realize that Hillary [will probably eventually have gotten] a couple of million more votes than Donnie…..the call for Abolishing the Electoral College by various viewpoints is tragic.  The same old tired arguments about “Whose Ox will be gored?” and how can this system be one based on Democracy..come to the fore.  Well, the truth is:  “The United States of America is not a Democracy……it is a Republic!”  If you don’t believe us…just ask Ben Franklin, for starters.

The concept was simple:  13 Original Colonies…..with New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia sitting with most of the population.  Based on pure democracy and equality of voting which would have to included: women, slaves, indentured servants and renters or squatters – the need for the Electoral College would have been unnecessary.  However, since only Male landowners were allowed to vote, the smaller states desired a modicum of equality which allowed 2 votes each for each states US Senators and of course,  the appropriate number of Congressional Votes based upon population.  In this way, Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine had a little skin in the game when it came to Electing a President of the United States.

So, for starters:  The Electoral College needs to remain the law of the land.


The concept of bringing back manufacturing jobs….or any jobs from the Global Community is akin to trying to hold back the tide or just holding your hand up to ward off a 20 foot wave in the ocean.  The word that no one wanted to address in this election was:  “Progress!” Or “A Nation of Roads”, or “A Chicken in Every Pot!”, or: “Nothing to fear by fear itself!”  Then of course, lets not forget: “Innovation and Inventions”, “Nano Automation”, “Scientific Energy Breakthroughs”, “DNA Genome Splicing” and last but not least: “War”!  If anything “the Global Job Loss” in the next 20 years will be over 50%.

For those of us lucky enough to purchase a new car or truck in the last three years….the tremendous leap forward in technology is mind boggling.  The fit of the doors, the electronics, the functional designs and fuel efficiency have skyrocketed…all due to Global Competition.  The Big Five Global Auto Companies make most of the vehicles on the road today.  Toyota, VW, Tata, Fiat, GM and Ford.  These automakers build all of their cars in Mexico, China, Japan and Korea.  These jobs will soon be dispatched to Burma, Sri Lanka and lesser known climes around the world….to save money on labor and build NEW rather than upgrade any old manufacturing facilities.


Most black people in the United States, poor whites, the less educated, the lazy, those hooked on either prescription or illegal drugs, the growing homeless population, those without healthcare now or in the future, those without family wealthy connections, those that can’t be bought and sold like cattle, those that cannot be re-trained into a new profession by achieving a higher degree – are all facing the same fate – a dim and not so distant future.  Or, as Jimmy Carter said in 1976:  “This is a time of diminished expectations for the American people!”  Of course Carter had a very limited vision of future.  He did not see the massive Scientific Acceleration, the great breakthroughs in Medicine for the minority able to find it or afford it, the many wars which consume Global resources and shift wealth from one area of the Globe to the next. Killing millions in the process.


The Reagan Revolution heralded a time of making the most of our resources and political power and bringing a moment of equality for the American people with a growing middle class following all the dire predictions of doom with Carter.  Then came George the Elder and the demise of the Reagan Revolution, War with Iraq, The Over-throw of the Panama Drug Cartel Banks and bringing those into the United States, England and France.  The Clinton’s followed with tax manipulations, following the middle class tax hike policies of George the Elder and officially giving every major company in this country a free ride on the NAFTA/Philippine/Korean Manufacturing Highway. This is the reason we bailed out both Mexico and the Asian Tigers during those years.

Meanwhile, American companies had officially become Global.  The game was over.  The Textile Mills in the Carolinas, the automakers in Michigan, the Apple Farmers in Washington State, the small farmers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and elsewhere were replaced by goods and services from Mexico, South America, Korea, China and the Philippines.  America started selling our most precious commodity:  Land, Redevelopment Projects, Big Company Mergers and Acquisitions – reducing the Global Competition and thusly reducing the Global need for workers.


The breakup of the family unit has been a genuine long term project in the United States.  Increasing the demand for both housing and transportation meant that kids needed to be kicked out of the house early.  When older family members had health problems or diminishing mental capacities….they were aimed and directed at “Elder Care Facilities” for those with cash on hand, others were pushed out on to the streets of America.  Child and Elder Abuse has stemmed greatly from over population and enclaves of ethnic power centers. The all-inclusive concept of American Society has been a huge lie.  As we can see from the results of the November election, roughly 50% of the population never bought off on that concept….ever!  Also, we can see that they don’t believe in Global Warming either!


What needs to happen?  The time has come to grasp what “the New Global Norms” are going to be!  Not the so-called “American Norms”.  As we watch China reign supreme in technological advances, as we watch even the smallest countries operate in a “cashless society”, as we watch “Driverless Cars powered by Solar Powered Turbine Power requiring no fossil fuel, become as available as sand on the beach! “

As we watch “the demise of Global Illness”……destroying billions of jobs potentially – which will include Big Pharma, the Insurance Industry and most of the Banking Industry……our future is both bright and scary.  How can the graduated inflation rate for food, water and housing be contained?  What are we going to do with the never ending story of over population?  What technology will again transform our Global Society into Hyper-Space by 2035!  Will we all soon just have to move to Mars?

Epilogue:  So, will Obama Care give way to Trump-i-Care?  Will Newt Gingrich start World War III?  Will 22 million ethnic citizens of the United States be deported to other countries?  Will Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Banking, Big Insurance, Big Agra ….be able to hold back the power, technology and intelligence of the entire world for some short term profits?  We don’t know the answer to these things, we can only speculate.

One of Robert DeNiro’s lesser roles was in a movie called “Brazil”.  It gave a bleak look into the future of our world.  We would say that many service companies around the world have done all they can to emulate the processes in that film.   One thing is certain however, those will all the money will not be able to keep it in our Global Banking Economic System.  Great Britain recently grasped that concept by trying to bail out of the Eurozone.  They will however sadly find, as in the words of James Bond in the 1962 film “Dr. NO”:  “There are so many after you Dr. No, the Tong Society, the CIA, our people……you will find this is a very small island Dr. No!”  “World Domination, the same old dream!  Our asylums are full of people that think they are Napoleon….or God!”

But …”You can’t take the truth………”

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