Obama Care and State Health Care Systems




Orange County Obamacare protest at John Campbell's office

Orange County Obamacare protest at former Rep. John Campbell’s office in 2009.  (Instead, we ended up getting healthcare for most in 2010.)

The cost of healthcare nationally, is on the way to double next year.  From State to State the rates for Employer Provided Healthcare will go up from 37% to 91% per annum.  When the Affordable Care Act was passed, by a Partisan Democratic Vote some 7 years ago…the belief was that those with Pre-Existing Conditions, High Risk Folks with poor healthcare history, Congenital issues and our younger generation was not being covered in the National Healthcare System and things needed to change.  These assumptions were quite correct, but the Big Pharma, Big Insurance Companies, Big Hospitals, Big University Research Facilities and the full AMA fix: was in from the start.

In order to pass this Giant Reset and extend coverage to those who had been locked out of the system, which included:  The Cost of Illegal Immigrant Care that was being taken care of through the Emergency Hospital System, with those costs passed on to traditional Hospital patients and their Insurance Companies – through double and triple billing and phony charges which included the dreaded $100 dollar aspirin therapy, non-read x-rays – charged for and by a non existent radiologist – high cost proscribed unnecessary drug treatments, redundant and unnecessary MRI’s, PET SCANS and full body Scans as typical examples.

The truth of course was that this dirty system had been operating since the 1970’s and went into full swing by the end of the 80’s.  Big Pharma sent their Drug Dealers to every doctor, nook and cranny offering up big incentives in order to press their unproven drugs onto patients acting like test animals.  Doctors get their kick-backs, either in the form or free sample drugs, which of course cause secondary side effects which require more drug treatments – along with bringing on to the market under different brand generic names drugs that withheld the necessary “buffers” that made the drug palatable in the past.  Soon the cost of the non buffered drugs surpassed what the cost of what the original product was.  When folks caught on to this and demanded brand, the cost soon tripled, driving more people back to the incentive driven generic markets again.

When Obama Care came along, upwards of 25% of the people of the United States had no healthcare.  Folks with a history of AIDS, Cancer, Brain Trauma and other issues, stemming from either pre-existing conditions from War, Veterans Issues, Congenital Issues from their family history, Drug Babies, STD’s and those babies, Cancers of all types, Cardio-vascular ailments, Obesity, Diabetes and other so-called optional issues were rejected from getting Health Insurance or offered impossible rates for coverage.  Even healthy Families of four with either a small child or senior parent living with them were targeted for higher and higher Insurance rates.

In order for the ACA and Obama to pass the Congress, compromise had to be reached.  The complexities of the “rigged system” had been in place for years.  Different players had to be paid off.  Different elected members of the Congress, Federal and State Bureaucrats and folks at the NIH, the AMA and the great cash power of Big Pharma brought plenty to this game.  They required that each State have their own system.  This guaranteed that within five years every small health insurer in the country would be out of business.  States were offered incentives by the ACA to expand their own Medicaid programs with sizable Federal pay back programs.  States like Oklahoma opted out of Medicade Expansion as an example.  Today, Oklahoma has only ONE insurance provider for the entire state.  That provider is raising its rates to Okies this year by 75%.  75% in one year.  The pressure is on in Ohio, Iowa and even in Washington State.  Who is actually behind the giant re-organization and mergers and acquisitions of the Insurance Industry in this country?  What power is driving the small Insurance Companies out of the Market Place?  Some were bogus of course……but the big guys don’t want competition..ever!

The key to the rise of Healthcare in this country is of course the cost of prescription drugs.  Those television drug advertisements appear more often than political ads during a National Election.  Day in, Day out Big Pharma pushing drugs onto television, during every news program, every major sporting event, every high value dramatic program and every entertainment show.  How can they afford the great cost of putting Big Pharma Ads on television – because we the consumers pay for it.  No other country in the world other than New Zealand allows Big Pharma Ads on television.  As a result, the price of their prescription drugs is about one third of what we pay in the United States.

The talk at the time of the passage of Obama Care, the ACA was to level the playing field.  The idea was to offer 25% of our population the opportunity to have Affordable Healthcare.  Had all 50 states had to join the system at the time and all Big Pharma Ads been banned by a willing Congress………the United States of America may have been able to actually set the standard.  We have been waiting seven years now to have an in course correction of the ACA.  Both parties needed to come together.  Both parties needed to agree on the basic faults within the current system.

The key ingredients are still there:  Cover folks with Pre-Existing Conditions, High Risk Behavior and Congenital Defects.  These three groups need to be covered separately from the rest of the population, through a Federal Subsidy back to the States that includes these folks as members of any Co-operative State Medicaid System or Federal Approved Inclusion.  This is not Space Science, it is however taking money out of the pockets of Big Pharma and putting it into the pockets of Health Insurance Companies, their wholly owned subsidiaries and the Banks.

The price of Healthcare in the United States is currently unsustainable.  For a mere $26,000 dollars a year a typical family of four will have the opportunity to pay $100 co-pay for each visit and with a $10,000 Deductible per person.  This is where Big Pharma wants us to go!  We have reached Terminal Velocity when it comes to Healthcare Cost in this country and the time has come to change it.  Big Pharma makes their drugs in sweat shops in India for less than a penny a pill.  They make seven different variations of the same drug and sell them all over the world at whatever price someone is willing to pay.  .05 cents in Africa……$140 dollars in the United States.  Their Quality Control is nil or none and many of these are so uncontrolled that a sugar pill placebo would work better or what they create is actually doing great harm to our general health.  [Ed. Note: OJB has no independent evidence for factual assertions in the latter part of this paragraph and considers them to be opinions of the author.]

Perhaps the time has come to actually fix Obama Care, the ACA and the State Health Care Systems….of this country?

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