Young “Trump” Kim releases ONE year of taxes, makes matters worse!




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Who ARE these people?

Young Kim, who has borrowed Sharon Quirk-Silva‘s assembly seat for a couple years, has several things in common with her Party’s presidential candidate, the loathed and deranged demagogue Donald Trump (from whom she refuses to distance herself.)

Trump’s habit of picking out a minority (Mexicans, Muslims), and painting them as a great existential danger to his middle-class white constituents in order to get their FEAR VOTES, is quite reminiscent of how Young Kim painted the transgendered two years ago when fighting Sharon.  Young Kim’s ads that year predicting widespread ogling of innocent little girls in restrooms have proven to be ridiculously off target, AND they have been scrubbed from the internet so we can’t even make fun them any more.  (Lady whining in fake little girl voice, over ominous music while a big hulking boy-silhouette skulks down the hallway:  “WHY does Sharon Quirk-Silva want boys to watch me in the bathroom???”)

There’s more, of course, that Young Kim and Donald Trump have in common.  I mean, besides the slavish devotion to further enriching the wealthy, and both candidates’ general screeching ignorance.  I’m thinking of their stubborn refusal to release their tax returns, something Sharon’s campaign has been hammering Young Kim on.

So, a couple weeks ago, in an effort to make this issue go away, Young Kim tiptoed to a friendly columnist/journalist, Cal Watchdog’s Matt Fleming, and showed him her and her husband’s 2015 taxes.  Just one year, 2015, and just one pair of eyes, Matt Fleming, and Matt reports that he was well satisfied.  Young Kim had only reported her official assembly salary and benefits, and no income at all from her husband, who she claimed had only worked as a “volunteer” that year.

A little trouble there – we happen to know that her husband Charles Kim, who serves on the OC Waste Management Commission, made at least $1,000 to $10,000 last year, for some event for Korean vets.   So while trying to clear up their tax PR problems, they’ve revealed that they are in fact hiding income from the IRS.

I don’t know, I would like to see their correct tax returns from the last five years, just as we have from the Quirk-Silvas.  I’ve always heard that Charles Kim made his income helping fellow Koreans navigate the immigration system to the US, using his wife’s connection to Congressman Ed Royce to suggest he has extra pull, and that this income would have been mostly under the table – a sort of Korean coyote, appropriately now living in Coyote Hills.  But none of us can prove that right now.

A day late, a dollar short, only one year and one witness, some income omitted … does not inspire confidence!  Come on Kims, you can do better!  Here’s Sharon’s press release:

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FULLERTON, CA—The campaign of Assembly District candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva today released the following statement in response to opponent Young Kim’s continued refusal to release her tax returns for the past five years in spite of new questions regarding their propriety:

“In lock-step with Donald Trump, Young Kim continues to hide her tax returns from public scrutiny. And now, a statement from the Kim campaign contradicts legally required disclosure statements she and her husband filed with government agencies and signed under penalty of perjury.

“In an interview with a conservative online blog on August 5th (link here), Asm. Young Kim’s campaign tried pouring cold water on her tax issues, emphatically stating that her returns were complete, including a claim that Kim’s husband, Charles, spent 2015 as a volunteer and had no income.

“In fact, Charles Kim himself reported income of between one and ten thousand dollars for 2015 in his Form 700 statement of economic interests, which he was required to file as a member of the Orange County Waste Management Commission.

“This revelation is deeply troubling and further emphasizes the need for Young Kim to come clean with the taxpayers of Orange County, which she can do by releasing 5 years of her returns.”

To which the Orange Juice rejoinds, “AMEN!”


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