STR Association throws a fundraiser for Lucille Kring! (Also, Gail Eastman and a “Taco Bowl.”)




kring block party

It was a big couple of days, these last couple of days, for FURTIVE EVENTS, events that sought to AVOID publicity.  I’m thinking, first, of what happened last night – Monday night – that was meant to fly under the radar, but the Orange Juice Blog knows all!

In short, the local association of Short Term Rental (STR) owners, the Anaheim Rental Alliance, held a fundraiser for District 4 Council candidate (and dismally failed Mayoral candidate) Lucille Kring, (often referred to as a “pintsized packmule unburdened by conscience or scruple“), to show their great gratitude for all the ways she’s helped them in the past, and their hope for more help in the future.  Yup, here’s their invitation e-mail, which fell into our hands:

From: Anaheim Rental Alliance <>
Date: August 29, 2016 at 11:59:51 AM PDT
To: Anaheim Rental Alliance <>

Subject: EVENT REMNIDER: Summer Fundraiser for Mayor Pro Tem Lucile Kring

Dear Fellow STR Owner:

This is a reminder to attend and support Mayor Pro Tem Lucile Kring’s Summer Fundraiser today in her bid for re-election in 2016.

Monday, August 29, 2016
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Complementary Parking
Grand Legacy At The Park
(formerly Ramada Maingate)
1650 S. Harbor Ave. Anaheim
(714) 772-0899

If you are unable to attend tonight’s event, please consider supporting her with your most generous financial contribution to help re-elect her. As you are already aware, she has been an outspoken supporter of short term rentals and we must do our utmost to show her our support.

Please make checks payable to “Kring For Council 2016” and mail to etc…

We hope to see you there tonight.

(714) 783-4422

kring pickpocketWell, that’s just great, why hide this, Lucille?  Let your STR flag fly!  4th District voters should know that they have a choice – those who like having these hybrid home-slash-hotels on their little streets, proliferating noise, litter, vomit, and crowds of rude strangers (there must be some of you out there who like that!) go ahead and support the re-election of old Lucille “saved us the cost of a trial” Kring – the Mayor Pro-Tem who loves her some STR’s so deeply and madly that she sucks up their campaign cash even in the midst of their suing our city.

While conversely, any 4th-district denizens who prefer a little peace, prefer getting a good night’s sleep and knowing who your neighbors are, who value the sense of community that many consider the essence of Anaheim, well YOU can vote for the DPOC-endorsed, Tait-approved, chairman of the South Anaheim Neighborhood Council, Father Arturo Ferreras.  Simple!  May the best man win.

arturo f

While we’re on the subject of STR’s and the Council, why don’t we play a little game of Jeopardy?  Click for the theme song while you read, it’ll be fun!

“Alex, I’ll take ‘Corrupt Former Anaheim Councilwomen of Limited Intelligence’ for a thousand.

“Okay!  She was at the first, December 2013 STR workshop with the rest of the Council;  she listened to the staff report but City Attorney Michael Houston made her leave during public comments because she lived nextdoor to an STR.  Five months later in May 2014 she was somehow allowed to join in the unanimous vote in favor of the original, disastrous, STR ordinance.  Six months after THAT, in November, she was voted off City Council.

“But wait… there’s more!  Three months after THAT, in February of 2015, she started operating her OWN STR by renting out her back house, not bothering to get a permit until June.  (Renter comments on Airbnb date back to February.)  The permit she got in June expired a month later in July along with all STR permits.  She never did renew her permit after that, but when city staff (Sandra Sagert) was questioned about this, lo and behold an updated permit miraculously appeared on the city’s website.  (Jeopardy has obtained a screenshot of the expired permit.)  

“Fast forward to NOW, and this lady is SUING THE CITY as a NAMED PLAINTIFF for changing an ordinance that she probably should never have voted on in the first place!

“Who .. is…  Who is.. GAIL EASTMAN?

“You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, it’s GAIL ‘Thank God for the riots’ EASTMAN, for 1000!”

gail eastman party house

So, like I observed at the outset, it was a big couple of days, these last couple of days, for FURTIVE EVENTS, events that sought to AVOID publicity.  I’m thinking also of something that happened Sunday afternoon, something that’d been whispered about but the exact “where and when” been kept under wraps till the last minute, probably to avoid protests:  A rally for OC Latinos who support anti-immigrant Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

Register pic. It's unclear if LA's Dr. Estella Sneider, second from right, is one of the Trump Latinas.

Register pic. It’s unclear if LA’s Dr. Estella Sneider, second from right, is one of the Trump Latinas.

They called it, in a good-humored in-your-face touch, “Operation Taco Bowl,” a reference to one of Trump’s countless lame-ass remarks that many consider racist or at least in bad taste, and they held it on the steps of Anaheim City Hall.  I sure woulda liked to-a been there, I was right across the street just before and just after.  

Now we can only judge by the following video, and a brief report in the Register, which claims there were about a hundred present.  It was unclear how many of that hundred were actually Latinos – I’ve heard maybe half – and these 50 were called in from all over the state – not too impressive for the first leg of a tour purporting to show off the buffoon’s Latino support.  Sure that exists – but it’s reported to be in the low 20%, 19%, although I’ll grant you that’s a lot higher than the guy’s 0% among blacks.  

Well, if you’ve got nothing better to do, click the video below and enjoy the minstrel show.  My, aren’t they fascinated with how counter-intuitive they think they are! One thing’s for certain, these people really do Hate them some Hillary!  (Warning: the first speaker, northern California’s foul-mouthed Marco Gutierrez*, feels free to cuss like a Tijuana pimp when he breaks into Spanish, so this is only family-safe if your kids don’t speak Spanish.)

*update – Marco Gutierrez is the head of Trump’s Latino outreach who became well-known a few days later for warning darkly of “A Taco Truck on every Corner!”

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