Angels to stay in Anaheim, and We Told You So.




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I know, it seems like a dream now. But believe me, it really did happen. Two to three years ago.

Actually, think of this as part two of a trilogy where the Orange Juice Blog shows off what the Weekly‘s Gustavo calls a rag’s “institutional memory.”  Surrounded by liars about recent history as we are, we find our memory can be a weapon.  Greg just this morning wrote about Lucille Kring’s dishonest 2014 Measure N;  and later this weekend I’ll write about all the lies Jordan Brandman has been telling fellow Democrats about his mostly-negative record on supporting district elections – his biggest lies have been about his shenanigans of last November to January, but our institutional memory of his spotty record goes back to his first public pronouncements of August 8, 2012.

The news on the Angels this weekend was nice and totally unsurprising, but also an opportunity for the Orange Juice Blog and Tom Tait to say “We told you so,” and yet another perfect opportunity to show what liars and/or fools the Kleptos be.  In short, the team is staying in Anaheim, their half-assed negotiations with Tustin (who were wise enough to refuse to finance a new stadium) having tanked.  And they’ll be coming back to the negotiating table with Anaheim, perhaps with a little less hubris, as in the interim their team has come to SUCK a lot. 

Did we ever determine for sure why it was so URGENT for them (the Pringle Ring = Murray, Brandman, Kring, Eastman, and the Chamber) to give away the stadium lot to team owner Arte Moreno for a dollar a year for 66 years?  I don’t think we ever actually did (remind me if I’m wrong) but something fishy was sure going on because the whole thing made no sense.

tait angels capThe other side, being immeasurably less honest, really claimed to know why Mayor Tom Tait stubbornly OPPOSED the giveaway – according to them, he obviously WANTED the Angels to leave so that HE and his family could profit somehow off the property they owned nearby.

Tom was not only right on this, he was HEROIC, somehow managing to defeat the whole scheme even though he was but one vote out of five, simply by tirelessly speaking truth and logic to public and press, eventually embarrassing the crooks.  And he got re-elected in a landslide as a result.

Special anti-kudos to the Liberal OC’s Dan Chmielewski, who not only let himself be used to broadcast the slander against Tait (probably not getting paid for it unlike Matt Cunningham) but also in essay after nonsensical essay developed the concept of “the Business of Baseball” which differed from simple “Business” in ways that only baseball fanboy Dan could discern. We salute you!

To wrap it up, for those keeping score at home:


  • Lucille Kring
  • Jordan Brandman
  • Kris Murray (most of all, except she’s not up for re-election)
  • Gail Eastman
  • the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce
  • Matt Cunningham
  • and the “Liberal” OC.


  • Mayor Tom Tait
  • the Orange Juice Blog.


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