When Trump, the Boogeyman, Came to Town.




Whenever I have a chance I drive through my town’s famous “economic engine,” the Resort District, to feel the vibrancy of a world class tourist destination. On Katella I pass by the almost hidden and empty looking subsidized GardenWalk mall, surrounded by brand name restaurants trying to attract tourists. The presence of visitors is more noticeable at the Harbor corner, going to or coming from the happiest place on earth.


Last week when I continued driving south on Harbor, in an early evening, there was a crowd waving flags a couple of blocks away from Katella. From afar I thought that they were the Jesus group I had seen before. The first time I saw them I thought they were Berniebros, because they all wore blue t-shirts. As I approached the corner it became obvious that they were not the same group. This one was much more active, larger and vocal,  crossing the streets whenever the cars stopped at the red lights, carrying Mexican flags.

MX 20160525_200225

I stopped in the fast food joint next to the corner where the protest was taking place, and asked one of the compas what was going on. He reminded me that Trump had been in the area a few hours ago. I asked him if it’d be OK if I took some pictures, and we walked towards the center of the action. I left and when I came back an hour later, the police had taken control of the corner.
APD 20160525_201322

These type of demonstrations, interrupting the traffic of a major street intersection near the Convention Center, leading to Disneyland, are obviously a nuisance. They may not be the best way to express outrage about the candidate who has demonized Mexicans, but it is what it is, an expression of outrage. Diehard Trump supporters do not care about his vitriolic effect causing this type of reaction. Reasonable conservatives may but probably condemning the unruly behavior, the cost of police services, and the waving of the Mexican flag.


The location of this demonstration is close to the predominantly Latino/Mexican Ponderosa neighborhood, and most of the participants were English speaking or bilingual Mexican American kids. As many children born here with Mexican ancestry, they are Americans and the Mexican flag is a reinvidication of their parents heritage, who are being used as scapegoats for political purposes. Many of these young people realize that their situation is part of a broader political and economical context, and they are exploring ways to organize and to bring about a future they believe in.


Most people observing or participating in this demonstration showed some anxiety, except for a young adult Latina who stood leaning against a wall. She stood almost motionless, like she was in a window shop, scantily dressed sporting a mini skirt, high heels, wearing make up, long eyelashes, well groomed hair. She seemed to be aloof, in a corner of a modest shopping center.

mp 20160525_201628

The police had declared this evening demonstration an unlawful assembly, and the crowd peacefully dispersed. I hope that there will be no need for police use in political events after this election. . If Trump is elected, the hot zones may keep the APD busy.

Young rev 20160525_201337

In the meantime, its human trafficking division could check on the lady who was observing the demonstration.She may need just a chance to rebel, and join the people around her upholding a meaningful dignity.

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