Hell Breaks Loose in Rainbow Land: Gina’s Garbage Dump!




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Vern here.  We begin this post with the latest FLOURISH from the Garbaginati – this particular flourish being longer and more elaborate than usual:

Come Undone.

It appears that the good folks at Rainbow Environmental have made a tactical boo-boo. Because something has really pissed off OVSD president Gina Clayton-Tarvin!

ScreenShot2016-05-10at11.03.55PMHer fury has come in the form of a veritable treasure trove of data which she has dumped into all the city’s forums over the past week. And when we say treasure trove we really mean the top-shelf good stuff.

For starters, there are a bunch of time-lapsed aerial photographs, showing that a big heap of uncovered junk perennially sits on the site despite a Huntington Beach city ordinance that clearly prohibits this.

Then there are the inspection reports revealing that higher-than-EPA-recommended levels of toxic substances have been found in Rainbow’s storm and water run-off, going back to at least 2009 and continuing to this day (or at least when Rainbow bothers to allow for the testing).

And then for the grand finale, she ties everything off in a nice neat bow by providing the text and other related documentation for pretty much every Huntington Beach City Ordinance that Rainbow is in violation of…

Our question is, what took so long? Because even though “Fish Pickens and Chicken Bones” are gross, the stuff in this data dump (pun intended) is positively criminal. So why wasn’t Rainbow and its complicit partner-in-crime, a/k/a The City of Huntington Beach, exposed a over year ago, when this whole matter really started to gain traction?

The answer to this question, of course, is simple. Because despite the constant attacks against her, the accusations of corruption and dishonesty and the weird, paranoid false narratives that spin scary-ass tales of a vicious power-hungry political animal (This is pretty much a quote), Gina Clayton Tarvin has been trying to take the high road all along,

But it seems the gloves are off now.

"Businessman of the Year" because the HB Chamber apparently loves the flaunting of laws, public health, and public relations in pursuit of quick profit!

“Businessman of the Year” because the HB Chamber apparently admires the flaunting of laws, public health, and public relations in pursuit of quick profit!

Rainbow pretty much screwed the pooch from the beginning. First off, they’ve had Huntington Beach by the balls for decades, which in turn created a twisted sense of arrogance which assumed the gravy train would never end. This led to a corporate culture that was not at all incentivized to maintain any meaningful goodwill with the public. This mindset was then integrated into a management plan that jumped over dollars to get to dimes and lacked any foresight or vision with respect to maintaining a best-in-class facility that everyone could be proud of.

From there, they failed to recognize that they would quickly fall victim to seller’s remorse soon after the close of their deal with Republic, when $16.8 million of the $112 million dollar purchase price didn’t actually show up in their bank accounts because it was held back as a contingency to clean up their messes, of which there are many.

And then, in a stupid move will re-define all stupid moves from now until the end of time, Rainbow decided to double down and continue to be straight-up jerks to not only the Ocean View School District, but the ENTIRE Oak View neighborhood, just because a) they could; and b) because they figured the City would continue to run a screenplay, just like always.

But then a funny thing happened.  HB City Attorney Michael Gates posted this on the OVSD Town Square last week:

gates screenshot

Bravo, Mr. Gates, and thank you – this is big, bold and needed. Dear readers, keep this in mind – No matter how this unfolds, Michael Gates (below) is going to be a key player in all of this. Because he is either going to be enforcing policy as directed by the city council or ultimately leading any internal investigation needed to figure out why things are so utterly broken when it comes to the City’s relationship with Rainbow.

michael gates

And then, a petition was created on change.org, demanding that Rainbow Fully enclose, ventilate and filter ALL operations at the Rainbow Transfer Station and Public Dump. As of this writing, 365 of 500 signatures have been collected. The petition is addressed to, amongst others, the entire Huntington Beach City Council. And since we’ve never met a politician who didn’t know the exact best time to leave a party, we suspect that the next time Councilman Erik Peterson (below) proposes an H Item regarding Rainbow, he’ll get a little more traction than he has in the past.

erik p

But what of the peanut gallery? [Epting and his couple of friends – V.]  Who knows and who cares. Though the core of three still seem to be at it (whatever “it” is these days), their entire congregation has a combined IQ of 14.  That means that even if they wanted to actually drink the Kool-Aid, they couldn’t because they can’t feed themselves.

We have spoken.


Vern again.  So naturally I was all, “What have I missed?” because I don’t go to these forums as often as I used to.  And I was all, to Gina, “These documents need to be on the OJ Blog, so more people will see them and they can be more easily searched – Facebook is so frustrating and transitory!”

Asked and answered.

1. Dig if you will (sorry, it’s still Prince mourning time) this 1981 original permit from City Planning Commission to expand from 1.8 to 4.65 acres to allow recycling on site. First Permit ever to handle refuse! Look at 5.3 and you’ll see that they were required all the way back then to do all operations within an enclosure.  They’ve been skirting this requirement since 1981!  (5 pages on City letterhead.  Hello, Stan Tkaczyk)

1981 permit page 1

1981 permit page 2

1981 permit page 3

1981 permit page 4

1981 permit page 5

2.  Dig if you will the current City Ordinances in play (PDF.)

3.  Dig if you will the Minutes from the 1981 Zoning Board Hearing, in which then-owner Mr. Tkaczyk says he wouldn’t accept odiferous materials at the transfer station – D’oh!

Tkaczyk 1981 whoops

4.  Dig if you will, Six Rainbow Expansion Plans in Chronological Order from 1964-2012!  (Click each for larger view)

rainbow history 1-1964

rainbow history 2-1981

rainbow history 3-1990

rainbow history 4-2003

rainbow history 5-2004

rainbow history 6-2012

5.  Finally, dig if you will OVSD board member John Briscoe’s power-point made for the AQMD Update Hearing last April 13.  High points are these aerial drone shots:

aerial photo 1

aerial photo 2

aerial photo 3

aerial photo 4

aerial photo 5

aerial photo 6

aerial photo 7

aerial photo 8

So… there’s all that.  – Vern.

Oh – almost forgot.  6.  Dig if you will “the inspection reports revealing that higher-than-EPA-recommended levels of toxic substances have been found in Rainbow’s storm and water run-off, going back to at least 2009 and continuing to this day (or at least when Rainbow bothers to allow for the testing.)” :



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