Weekend Open Thread: Takin’ the Stuff from the Homeless, Citizen Diana, and more!




roussan and patty

Anaheim homeless activist Roussan Joshua Collins, himself homeless by choice, documents yet another property seizure of a harmless homeless woman in that heartless town.  These days the police are not even pretending to take the seized belongings to a storage area, but shoveling it into trash compactors.  The very bible-thumping Roussan writes:

Proverbs 21:13
Friends and Advocates,
Please pray for our homeless sister in CHRIST Patsy. Anaheim Code Enforcement just took all her property again including her diabetes medication. She is 60 years old. Pray the police and others who harass her are humbled soon, and pray she stays strong and healthy and that she and others like her get the help they need soon! Also feel free to join my FB group, “Homeless Advocates for CHRIST”. Thanks so much.

All of this would be just infuriating and sad if it weren’t accompanied by his new song to the tune of Hotel California.  This is apparently the dawn of a new age of protest songs around these parts…

He’s also prepared an hour-long version, which includes all the police activity including Roussan’s own arrest;  I told him “Nobody wants to watch an hour-long video” but he disagreed, so I’m putting that version at the end of this story.

Let’s see, what else happened around here this week? OJ friend and Westminster Councilwoman Diana Lee Carey, who first entered our consciousness fighting against toll lanes on the 405 but had been battling OCTA over eminent domain in her town for over a decade, was awarded her town’s prestigious “Citizen of the Year” award yesterday, and I was able to get a video of that (unfortunately cut short.) It’s kind of scary, all the stuff this lady manages to do, and still be a fighter of kleptocracy:

Three other links I can’t let fall into the cracks, but haven’t figured out quite what to do with yet.  State Senator John Moorlach continues his righteous jihad against CalTrans (which if you hadn’t noticed is our county’s mortal enemy.)  I’m intrigued by the possibilities of this proposed pilot program where a county like us could get out from under their abusive thumb – is it just a dream or can it be reality?  We’ll be talking to John soon about that.

This article suggests that the smart and honest folks at the Irvine Ranch Water District could actually manage to stymie the crooks and fools at OCWD in their attempt to sell us off to Poseidon Resources.  Another thing I need to look into – how would that work?  And is there hope?  And how could YOU AND I help drive a stake through the heart of it?

Finally I saw this guy – Private Eye CJ Ford – talk to the Board of Supervisors a few weeks ago about the innocent black man Michael Clair who’s been rotting in prison since the 80’s for something he didn’t do;  DNA proves Clair’s innocence but DA T-Rack continues to drag his feet;  from what I understand, Ford suspects T-Rack is protecting one of his infamous informants, but I have not seen that allegation in print yet.  Moxley beat me to doing a nice little profile on Mr. Ford, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do one of my own soon…

Weekend Open Thread now, talk about whatever you like but be nice.  Or at least witty.

Takin’ the Stuff from the Homeless in California, full version:

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