Perils of Tom Daly: Calling the Cops on Minimum Wage Advocates




daly hovers above protesting crowd

It’s scary sometimes, being the Whitest Man in Orange County.  Especially when you’ve somehow come to represent the brownest assembly district.

You require extra layers of protection.  Your skin is unusually delicate and sensitive to the elements.  What would give most of us a pleasant tan or flush can cause you painful peeling blisters.

7It’s scary on top of that, to be (almost) the only Democrat in Sacramento to vote against a minimum wage increase, to be on the wrong side of the burning issue of the day – our nation’s screaming income inequality.  To try to pass through life as a member of the People’s Party, while in reality being the most fervent handmaiden to big business interests that fund you.

Especially scary when your position is indefensible, so that you always have to change your justification.  Today you say it’s just that you’re against “indexing” (keeping the minimum wage tied to changes in the Consumer Price Index through the future) but we all remember that you’ve been trying to sabotage minimum wage hikes on various pretexts for a while.

5How scary is all this?  So scary that when a couple dozen peaceful protesters show up at your district office begging you to reconsider, your people call the police on them.

And then it must be infuriating that when the CHP (the agency tasked with “protecting” our lawmakers) shows up, they nakedly side with the protesters and take chummy photos with them.

All of this happened yesterday, March 30, and then today Assemblyman Tom Daly stubbornly voted against SB 3, the minimum wage increase which gradually moves us up to $15 an hour by 2022.  One of only two Democrats to do so.  And it passed anyway. 

And this is typical, for Daly to break with his Party and vote with the Republicans on the big issues.  I think I’m-a vote for that nice Republican Latina who’s running against him – Ofelia Velarde-Garcia – at least she’s not pretending to be something she’s not.

And I bet she wouldn’t call the police on peaceful protesters.


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