Garden Grove Drawing New City Council Districts




Proposed Garden Grove City Council Districts

Proposed Garden Grove City Council Districts.  Just avert your eyes from the isthmus in District it’s inevitable.

Voice of OC reports that Garden Grove is considering three rather similar maps. The central difficulty is how to draw the lines in the center of the city.

Members of the Central Garden Grove Neighborhood Association say the map would split their longstanding neighborhood group into three different districts.

Another issue is Little Saigon. Should it be in a single district, or would concentrating the Vietnamese vote “punish the Vietnamese community for its [electoral] success,” as resident Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen fears?

However this sorts out, the process has been far less contentious  thhan Anaheim’s map-drawing process, what with only three similar maps on the table and Lulac putting out a joint press release with local Vietnamese leaders.

As David Ely of Compass Demographics testified:

“It’s my opinion that all of these maps would be perfectly acceptable or legal,” he told council members. “There’s different issues that could be raised about all of them, but I don’t think there’s anything that would be raised to the level of litigation.”

The City of Garden Grove has put all the materials here.

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