Here Comes the Lambs — Uh, We Mean the Rams!





Los Angeles is a funny city.  This is definitely SO CAL country.  The LA Rams first came here from Cleveland, Ohio back in 1946.  They had a wonderful play by play announcer named Frank Bull.  The radio programs were brought to you by Robert Hall Clothiers.  “Robert Hall this season…will show you the reason….low overhead…low overhead.” “The man that suits America best!”  When the Rams came to Los Angeles, Bob Waterfield was the Quarterback, with Norm Van Brocklin as the back-up.  Waterfield was also the kicker and punter.  Bob Waterfield was the first of the good looks Quarterbacks in the NFL.  Bob Waterfield was married to actress Jane Russell, who had made a name for herself in a movie called “The Outlaw”….which showed a whole bunch of Jane Russell from the waste up.  Howard Hughes was the Director and Producer.

Bob Waterfield went to Van Nuys High School, dated high school sweetheart Jane Russell there and was an All-American at UCLA and could throw the then oversized NFL football with precision. Waterfield went into the US Army in 1943, came back to lead the Cleveland Rams to a National Championship in 1945, then to LA for three division wins in a row 1949, 1950, 1951, which included one National Championship in 1951 Other stars that came to the Los Angeles Rams included;  Vitamin T. Smith, “Deacon” Dan Towler, Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch and Tom Fears.  Dan Reeves was the then owner of the Rams along with money from Bob Hope and other Hollywood notables.  The even did a movie entitled “Crazylegs”, all about the Rams.  This publicity campaign resulted in the LA Rams being the first televised National Football League game in 1950.  This was the launch of big-time National Football League public relations campaign.  Coach Paul Brown meanwhile started the expansion team Cleveland Browns by having the Rams movie to the Glitterdome!

The Rams glitter wouldn’t last however.  Bad coaching, terrible trade of Ollie Matson for nine 1951 Championship players…and also competition:  The Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to LA in 1958, the LA Chargers came about in the early 60’s, but couldn’t compete and moved to San Diego.  The Rams were pulling 70-80 thousand per game with a losing record, while the Chargers were pulling around 25 thousand.  Then came the halcyon years of Pappa George Allen and the “Fearsome Foursome” challenging all comers including the Pittsburgh Steelers “Steel Curtain”.  Rosey Grier, Merlin Olsen, Lamar Lundy and Deacon Jones created a whole new persona called “NFL Lightout Defense”.  The call followed the same gameplan that had made John McKay the legend at USC –  “Better let our Offense score or we will put in our Defense and kill you!”  With Pete Rozell, the former General Manager of the Rams standing in as Commissioner of the NFL…things were good for the Rams – until they moved to Anaheim and Gene Autryland.  In 1972, Robert Irsay bought the Rams for $19 million dollars and traded the franchise to Carroll Rosenbloom for the Baltimore Colts.   During the 70’s the Rams could never beat the Dallas Cowboys or the Minnesota Vikings…..especially in the 1978 “Mud Bowl” at the LA Coliseum, when Pat Haden, the quarterback couldn’t score, trying seven times from the two yard line of the Vikings.

Fast forward to yesterday.  After 13 years of being in St. Louis – the Rams are coming back to Los Angeles.  The memories of Roman Gabriel and Jack Snow.   Jack Youngblood too!  The legends of the LA Rams now has to make another new beginning.  The Rams are coming to Englewood, California with a newly designed “Superdome”!  The new facility can even offer enough room for various other events and another NFL Team.  Intially, the San Diego Chargers have a year to determine their own fate.  “Come or Go!” from San Diego!  The Owner of the Chargers Alex Spanos is hedging his bets…at this point.   We are sorry to see that “The Raiders” were not offered a shot in Englewood.  They evidently put their fortunes in front of the Carson facility and money.  Too bad!

Jeff Fisher was a cornerback for the USC Trojans.  A good one at that.  Fisher is now the Coach of the newly designated LA Rams for 2016-2017!  Will Fisher “cease the day” and start to make the LA Rams “the Glitterdome Team” their roots suggest?  Presently, in  St.Louis “The Rams” exhibited great defense and modest offense.  Case Keenum is the “no name quarterback”, that seems to be doing a pretty good job, but what will the venue hold?  Can Fisher keep his Defense doing a great “Seahawks Defense Imitation”?  Can Fisher crank his Offense and make them another “Patriots Offense Imitation”?  The future will tell whether the facilities manager can handle LA Parking and Concession Organization.  Will the new jersey sales meet those of other franchises in the NFL?  Will all the Corporate Boxes be sold overnight, creating a two year waiting list?  We shall see whether Los Angeles attracts an LA Lambs or LA Rams vibe!

Meanwhile, Kobe is going, going, soon to be gone!  Meanwhile, the Clippers are fast becoming the Chippers.  Meanwhile, the Ducks and the Kings are just sliding around at the moment.  The moment seems right for the new LA Rams to capture the imagination of the super fans and gamblers that occupy SO CAL.  Wishing them every good luck in this year of the clever Red Fire Monkey 2016!  Maybe we will need to add some Red Socks and Gloves to our Blue and Gold Uniforms?  Maybe a little Cardinal Red, making sure the yellow is actually Gold and some UCLA Blue.  Then then they can support both the Trojans and Bruins.  Although, we don’t approve of either College Coach of either college team.  “The Three Brothers at Howard Jones/Brian Kennedy”  vs. “Son of Jim E. Senior – the so-called Jim L.”

Good Luck you Lambs/Rams!



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