Paddlin’ Madeline Home!




Trump in Wrestling Ring

“I’m very rich….I don’t need your money……I will not be treated unfairly…..I hate Mexicans….I hate women…….I hate Muslims….., Our President doesn’t have a clue and is totally stupid, we are in big trouble and I will make America the greatest place on earth, I’m mad as hell….and I’m not going to take it anymore.  France is unsafe…..England is unsafe…….we have a totally worthless, feckless, stupid President that doesn’t know what the hell he is doing…….  I’m Donald Trump and I approve this free message!”…provided by every News Media outlet (which I totally hate and disrespect anywhere in the world.)   Name calling is silly, but we can say with impunity….Donald Trump with or without money is a devoted Fascist, who may in fact represent what many rich people all around the world really are.  Bernie Madoff, Dominic Strass Kahn, Bernie Ebbers, Seth Bladder, Jeff Skilling, Donald Sterling and a whole bunch more that are not even worth listing. Donald Trump is dirty……we can’t prove it yet……but psychically we know  that it will come out, which we can only hope it will happen before the election of 2016!

Bomb throwing……may be next!  Perhaps Donald Trump will not stop until someone at one of his rally’s is killed or seriously injured on live television!  We wouldn’t put it passed him.  We would not be surprised by anything that happens now from the Trump camp. Watching Live Reality Television and watching Naked Transparent News Anchors….like Joe Scarbrough harrassing the President at every opportunity……is definitely “cruel and unusual punishment”.   We keep trying to turn off the television….watch Sports Center and try to get our minds right.  Then we see that Johnny Manziel is going to start for the Browns, we see an obnoxious Cam Newton go undefeated, we watch poor Kobe on his last legs hobbling ineffectively……..we watch the Golden State Warriors crank…(the only positive example we can think of!) and wonder:  What ever happened to our country?

Was it in fact Big Pharma, Big Chemical, Big Agra, Big Medical, Big Drug Cartels, Off Shore Banking, Big Banking Greed, GMO’s, Muslim Extremist or just plain stupidity that has cast this dark pale on our society.  Why is cruelty and bad conduct accepted at every turn in the United States of America?   Why do we have to fight Armageddon?  Who made us the designated hitter in this fight?   Why was the United States selected to fight the last battle on earth?  What ever happened to the days before the internal combustion engine…..when you took your girlfriend for a nice canoe ride, on a moonlit night with your straw hat and seersucker jacket….and played your ukulele to tune:  “Paddlin’ Madeline Home … just Paddlin’ Madeline Home!”

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