Sunni ISIS/Al Queda against the World!




je suis parisien

We grow so weary of the public at large unable to separate various Muslim groups or think out of the box.  If someone wears a turban they get called a Muslim….when in fact they are Sikhs.  Hindu’s get called Muslims, Buddhists get called Muslims – the ignorance of knowledge is quite overwhelming.  There seems to be a worldwide blackout when it comes to separating the two major Muslim sects:  Shia and Sunni. The rumor of the day is that the whole thing is just politics………….because the Saudi’s and the Arab Emirates are not only funding the various Sunni Terrorist Groups – but are also supposed to be US Allies.  None of the so-called forthcoming Republican candidates for President will address this issue either.  Even “Howard Beal Trump” won’t identify the difference between what is a Sunni Terrorist and what is a Peace Loving Shia.  Why not?

Here is a short list of Sunni Terrorist Organizations:  Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Queda, ISIS/ISIL, South Yemen, Groups in Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Morocco, the Central part of Iraq, the Pashtoon Regions of southern Afghanistan and Eastern Pakistan and areas and groups in Malaysia…just for starters.  These folks have been at war with the Shia faction of Muslim for over 1000 years.  The Saudi’s and the Arab Emirates are also  Sunni Muslims.

Then there is a list of non-sectarian Arabs and non-Arabs:  The Kurds of Iraq, Syria, Iran and southern Turkey, the Christians, the Azzidi and Shia populations scattered throughout Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and a further list as long as your leg.  The two groups which are picked on by the Israeli’s are Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and anyone non Jew.  Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are considerd “Terrorist Organizations” by the US, primarily because Israel wants it that way.  We have never heard or seen a spokesperson from any of these groups claiming responsibility for rocket attacks against little old ladies and children in Israel.  We keep waiting.  Politics?  Money from the Military Industrial Complex – or maybe just a place to test new weapon systems?  Above our paygrade.  One thing is certain:  Sunni’s cut people’s heads off – the Shia groups do not.  One thing is further for sure:  Fallujah, Erbil and Mosel in Iraq are home to the Sunni Iraqi’s that supported Saddam Hussein and gassed the Kurds and other folks in Iraq and in their war with Iran.

So whose side are we on?  We are on the side on honest communication, against all terrorism, for a peaceful world, against suicide bombers, honor killings and barbarism in any form.  Congrats to our US Military for taking out Jihadi Johnny.  Congrats to our US Military for taking out those Somalie Pirates and saving Captain Phillips.  Congrats to our US Military for having to separate the wheat from the chaff….on the go in three, five, ten various venues around the world and still being able to get home safe.

The Paris attacks today by ISIS…….are from Sunni Muslims not Shia, Sikhs, Hindu, Buddhist or even 7th Day Adventist.  We do not need to blame the wrong folks.  The ridiculous call to stop all immigration from any Muslims is extremely stupid.  Yes, the Syrian refugees are infiltrated with Sunni Terrorist….but most are Christian or Shia Muslims and are just fleeing the horrors of war.  Should be take them all?  Absolutely not…….we need to vet each and every immigrant both into this country and anywhere in Europe.  Do we need to seek out the locations of all Sunni Mosques throughout the United States and Europe?  Absolutely!  They must be on the watch list.  Any of them are welcome to become Law Abiding Citizens…..but if they have terrorist connections…we may have to reboot Gitmo with some more bunks.

Sunni ISIS/Al Queda against the World!  No free concert or soccer match tickets for those folks…EVER!  Meanwhile, can be stop the stupid news blackout about who is a Sunni and who is a Shia?  This is not Space Science…..this is just politics!

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