The Last Days of Stephen Colbert?




Stephen Colbert introduced one of his new "stock characters" on the inaugural version of "The Late Show" yesterday: "Mr.  Hapless Former Front-Runner."

Stephen Colbert introduced one of his new “stock characters” on the inaugural version of “The Late Show” last night: “Mr. Hapless Former Front-Runner.”

*OK, the launch of any societal icon only happens once – and you are either there or you are not.  Luckily today, the days of TIVO are over and now you can go to a variety of places on the web, including the CBS web site, You Tube and others to replay almost anything.  The long awaited first show for Steven Colbert, on the prior David Letterman – Late Show was as disappointing as any we have had the great unpleasure to view.

Colbert seemed overwhelmed with the scope of what he wanted to do and wound up frozen in time and space.  Nothing ever got off the ground and nothing ever came to a conclusion.  We don’t mean to be critical, but who the heck are his writers?  Does he have any?  Where was a great traditional monologue, in the “Johnny Carson mode!”?  Nothing was funny.  The Oreo bit and over-acting about Trump was nonsensical in the extreme.  Colbert needs a Bottom 10, if for nothing else, but to show respect for David Letterman.  His fradulent attempt to thank Letterman for plowing the early ground came up empty.  Colbert desparately needs a bevy of Hooter Girls to back him up at this point!  Anyone would have rather watched Jon Gruden – eating a bucket of buffalo wild wings!

Colbert’s guests brought out their worst…..not their best.  The skits Colbert had George Clooney do – may have killed that career for awhile.  The Jeb Bush segment actually brought tears to our eyes, realizing that Jeb had just lost the Republican Nomination by just one stupid appearance with Steven Colbert and the Late Show.  There was no energy between either guest and the interviewer.  It was as if Colbert was talking to a virtual robot character on their web site.  “So, Thomas Edison – do you think your light will ever come on?”   “Good night….and thanks for coming Mr. Edison!”

We had to switch to Jimmy Fallon because the conversation was so ridiculous.  Watching Richard Gere and Jessica Simpson in between during the commercials was far more rewarding.  Seeing the photo of Jessica’s two kids and on her Wave Runner had more redemption than the entire Colbert experience.  By the way, where did Colbert get that band?  It certainly wasn’t Issac Hayes or Doc Severnson!  Sadly, we will not be watching anymore Late night TV with Steven Colbert, until we hear that something socially redeeming happened while we weren’t watching.  It’s sort of like the 50’s when we liked watching “the Untouchables” and others were watching “I love Lucy!”  It took Lucy and Desi five seasons until they finally were able to come up with the cup cake scene.  Even then, we liked “Life of Riley” with William Bendix better along with “Wanted Dead or Alive”!

We wish Steven Colbert the best – but his launch last night sucked the big one!  No wonder Trump turned him down!  Trump must be a lot smarter….. and isn’t quite as dumb as we thought!  Colbert better scramble for some great writers and then listen to them.  It will be just fine if he starts out slow and then gets more stupid.  It doesn’t quite work to start out very stupid and then hope you can make it smarter.

Welcome, to The Last Days of Steven Colbert!

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