Superfun in the OC North Basin….




Who can stop this remorseless killer? ... Wait -- sorry, we thought this was a scare story.  Carry on.

Who can stop this remorseless killer? … Wait — sorry, we thought this was supposed to be a scare story. Carry on.

*The great GWRP……Ground Water Reclamation Projects of Orange County are designated as the Poster Boy/Girl for the reason why we don’t need Desalination in our towns and villages.  At $1000 dollars an acre foot for Reclaimed Water (Toilet to tap) that goes through Reverse Osmosis and becomes so called Potable (the kind of water one might drink safely)…..still doesn’t deal with our forecasted water shortages in the near future.  The Desalinated Water will cost about $2000 an acre foot.   The current Ground Water Project….takes the Reclaimed Water….pumps it into the North County Anaheim Water Table and lets it matriculate through into the ground water into the many  Orange County wells and our water table – and they never say how long that process takes.  If that process works – great, although it may not sound efficient…..but distantly plausible.


“We have trouble right here in Rivercity…..terrible, terrible trouble”.. and we would suggest….not going in the pool…..anytime soon.

The beautiful Lucy Dunn is moving her lips, to the tune of the OC Chamber……with platitudes and apologies for the action of the US EPA when even the El Toro/Great Bark was taken off the Superfund List back in June of 2014….when there is still plenty of pollution in that ground to go around….and still might be actually impacting the efforts to create a Veteran’s Cemetary there.

The North Basin Pollution Plume is identified as being five miles long and growing …..every day.  When these heavy metals get into our regular water supply….as they are now…….those Cancer causing ingredients start to bring the Public Health and Safety reality very close to home.  We haven’t had heard the fix or the projected cost to this massive problem yet.  We are waiting.  How many acre feet of Ground Basin Water are affected?   How are we going to extract these toxins?  Where are we going to send it after we extract it?  Will extracting it cause an earthquake?  Who is going to have to pay the freight charges?

What should Ed Royce be doing to address this issue?  How about Dana?  Where is the State and Federal help on this issue?  What does Downtown Jerry Brown have to say about our polluted Ground Water right here in Orange County, California?  What about the Central Valley Ground Water….any issues there?  How about the Delta?

Time to get with the program here folks…..cause there is Superfun in the OC North Basin….that’s not going away soon!

Thanks to the Orange County Register for the great article.

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