It’s Chemerinsky Time Again! Thursday at 2 – “Has the Supreme Court Really Shifted Left?”




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Vern here:  Our favorite UCI Law School Dean is giving another one of his scintillating, entertaining, educational and inspiring talks on the Supreme Court this Thursday afternoon, and you can bet I’m gonna be there!  Here’s the 411 on the event, passed along from the brilliant Jonathan Adler:

Concerned Citizens of Laguna Woods hosts
– returning for his 8th year in Laguna Woods Village –
UCI Law School Founding Dean

Erwin Chemerinsky:

The Supreme Court Amazes Again – Did it just “Shift Left?”

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Thursday, Sept. 3, 2:15 pm (doors open 1:30), Clubhouse 3 Auditorium.  Talk, Q&A, sale and signing of his latest book, “The Case Against the Supreme Court”  and also of his prior “The Conservative Assault on the Constitution.”

Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John G. Roberts, Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Smauel Alito Jr., Elena KaganDo you know the Supreme Court’s real effect?  Which cases impact more people than most laws?  How are new Justices radically changing precedents?  How have elections turned the Court’s direction?  Its last term was “amazing,” according to many.  Did it really “shift left,” as some writers said? Or did more easy big cases just skew “liberal” in a one-term “fluke”?

Justice Kennedy joined the 4 “liberals” more often in divided big cases, such as nationwide same-sex marriage, validating the Affordable Care Act, the Fair Housing Act’s impact test, re-districting by citizens commission, chance to object before police seize motel records, and easier rules on suing the U.S. for torts, and police for excessive force, and showing racially discriminatory effect in gerrymandering.  Chemerinsky will analyze those and other cases that extended trends he explained in prior talks: Pro-corporation, limiting consumers’ and workers’ rights, police power to search, new technology, etc.

chemerinsky 5Those who hear Chemerinsky’s talks know he’s brilliant, yet clear to non-lawyers, frank, warm, witty. Turnout at his Laguna Woods talks rises yearly, as word spreads: “Don’t miss him!”  A constitutional law expert, leading scholar, teacher of judges as well as students, and litigator in the Supreme Court and others, often analyzes its cases and trends on the air and in print. His column is in the O.C. Register. Author of 7 books and countless articles for scholars and law students, many for lay readers too, a recent survey found him the second-most-often quoted constitutional law scholar.  His prolific public service includes chairing L.A.’s City Charter Reform Commission and testifying at legislative hearings. A Harvard Law graduate, he taught law at USC for 21 years, then Duke. As UCI Law School’s founding Dean in 2008, he led its
rapid rise to the top tier by attracting its stellar faculty.

$3 donation asked • Bring your questions for Q&A time

For maps, directions, more info click here and here


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