The Trump Effect!




trump caricature

How boorish and rude, mean spirited and base can you be when you run for President?  How many unsubstantiated statements, lies and coarsening of the political expression and discourse can be accomplished in the least possible amount of time?  OK, let’s talk like a Longshoreman!  Let’s talk like a bunch of drunk sailors on leave in Australia!  Let’s call women whores on their period, let’s call every Mexican immigrant a vile, loser and rapist.  Let’s make every outrageous statement possible and attack invididuals who do not agree with you, by calling them naive, stupid, ridiculous, losers, buffoons.  Let’s get down and boogie!  Tear off your shirt Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and take on everyone you meet in a Mixed Martial Arts cage!  When someone catches you……tell them you didn’t say that or they are just being mean to you!

Let there be no Presidential decorum.  Let’s find Charles Manson at San Quentin and see who he is endorsing.  Let demean the process to the point that people are encouraged to every vile thing under the sun – because those that want to be leaders of our country have zero civility.  Let’s ask Bernie and Ruth Madoff who they think should be the next President of the United State!  Let’s not look at candidates as representatives of one of the world’s great powers.  Let’s pretend, we are a third world country that has 27 political parties and has no idea of what to do next.  Let’s identify the National character of America, by reaching for the lowest common denominator.  Let’s excuse the bad, illegal behavior of this would be politician because Donald Trump has 27% of the Republican voters in his pocket.  We can’t wait to see Donald Trump tru to raise money for his campaign by offering a lotto prize of a week in Scotland to play golf with Tiger Woods.  Probably not, Trump is too cheap!  But he has plenty of money…..just ask him!

Is there no shame anymore?  Is there no reasonable behavior or responsible behavior in our society left?  Is it unreasonable to expect due accountability for ones words or actions?  Is it reasonable to make a disparaging personal remark against another public person and then double down that you did nothing wrong.  Are these people all taking the same Ethics drug of Jody Arias, George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, Casey Anthony, Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, James Holmes and hundreds more that we see in daily news releases of violence and bad behavior in our society.  Are we trying to demean our National character or is this nothing more than gutter politics and finding our own lowest common denominator of societal behavior?

Is the Trump Effect and language of being offensive really the same as Howard Beale screaming:  “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”?  We wonder why the Trump apologists all have to explain: “That what he really meant…..was…..”  Trump, Huckabee, Cruz, Rand, Walker and others seem to have a slew of pundits “explaining what they really meant….was” at every turn.  These folks are presumably running for President of the United States.  They probably need to be able to explain what they mean or what they meant in a very clear and concise way.  When Donald Trump says:  “I want to build a big wall…..really big…to keep out the bad Mexicans coming into this country!”  Where are the drawings Mr. Trump?  How many folks will be employed to guard the wall from terrorists with EID’s blowing holes in it every ten miles?  No, logic needs to be employed and our news reporters like Meg Kelly, need to keep the candidates, all of them, with their feet to the fire.  Not next week, next month or next year…..but now!  For all the harsh, boorish remarks in any campaign, the response needs to be swift, to the point and a should call for immediate censor… called for.  A standing Senator, Governor or elected official needs to abide by the rules of conduct for that position – not their own likes or dislikes, which they can express in private or to a group of supporters – much as Mitt Romney did.  Romney did not voice his famous 47% comment in a Public Forum.  It was in a group of fund raisers and supporters in a private commercial setting.

Calling Trump an accused rapist, corporate raider, liar or despicable example for our younger generation must be reserved for members of our national press and other politicians with the moral bravery to state the obvious .  Pundits that condone Trump’s behavior or try to interpret or apologize for his comments should be shunned as nothing more than what they are:  Paid For Lobbyists for Trump!  Who pays them?  Who can say?  Who really cares?

The Trump Effect is the culmination of many years of the coarsening in our society that has created a new unacceptable traditional moral conduct.  In the words of Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia:  “Course words are not acceptable in this chamber.  Duels and death have occurred because of words here and this we can never forget!”

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