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Vern’s contributions:

A few days ago we got an e-mail this week from the people representing a doctor Zubin Damania, aka ZDoggMD;  they thought we would be especially appreciative of his new medical-reform music videos because I’ve occasionally written about healthcare reform.   This doctor “left a promising career at Stanford to recreate the healthcare system, and he uses Youtube as a way to make his voice heard” … and guess what, you might be surprised at how fucking great his first two videos are!

This latest one confronts “end-of-life issues.”  As Zubin writes on his accompanying blog post:

“Lacking a coherent view of how people might live successfully all the way to their very end, we have allowed our fates to be controlled by the imperatives of medicine, technology, and strangers.”

Dr. Atul Gawande, Being Mortal

To anyone who cares for patients, or for those with loved ones who’ve faced the end of life, this statement rings tragic and true. Strip away the political posturing and nonsensical talk of death panels and the like, and we’re left with a stark truth: that we too often fail to have those difficult but crucial discussions about dying, and this failure leads to untold human suffering and billions in squandered resources. We are failing as caregivers, we are failing as family members, and we are failing as individuals—failing to simply have a conversation that ensures that we direct our own destiny. Plainly put, we need to talk about dying.  [more here…]

NOW, check out the video, a re-write of an Eminem hit:

This follows a very popular video on the problem of repeat hospital re-admissions or “Bounce Backs,” which he set to “Ignition” by R. Kelly.  He blogs about this video, which has already received a million views:

…the bane of every hospitalist, resident, and intern. And now, with Medicare clamping down with financial penalties and Obamacare all up in it, the Medical Industrial Complex is taking serious notice. One could spend hours discussing why hospital readmission rates are so high, but luckily for your sanity (and ours), ZDoggMD Industries once again cuts to the chase—with a smooth R&B anthem addressing 73.5% of it! And despite being a parody of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix),” there is MINIMAL urination in the video: “p”<0.005 #TadDumCHING!

Well, Dr. Zubin, we welcome you to Orange Juice Blog’s extended family, where you will probably be filed right after ZENGER.  David Zenger, that is, our concise, prolific and devastating commenter, the bane of Kleptocrats as well as fine impressionist painter.  For some reason it REALLY BUGS the klepto crowd that David can also paint so well (just as I assume they wish I didn’t play piano so well.)  Well, starting this weekend David and his plein-air cohorts are taking their art “Nosebleed North” all the way up to Diamond’s stomping grounds of Brea;  if you come you may run into me or Greg!


Also, the same artists will be featured on the afternoon and evening of Thursday Aug. 6 at Laguna Beach’s Forest & Ocean Gallery (below) and City Hall across the street, in conjunction with Laguna Beach’s ArtWalk.


and Greg’s contributions:

Three nice articles for you this week:

[1] This Year’s El Nino Will Be MUCH Stronger than 1997’s

el nino - 1997 - 2015

[2] College Board Concedes: Less Slavery in AP U.S. History, More “American Exceptionalism”

[3] Cincy Cops on Campus Conspire to Concoct Confabulation to Keep Crazy Killer’s Keister Copacetic

Many people like to say that “most cops are good.” I’d like to agree, but let’s look at the numbers.  Sure, all of the cops other than Crazy Ray Tensing are better than he is — which is a low bar to clear.  But is concocting a story to justify Tensing’s apparent unprovoked murder of Sam Dubose really “good”?  Because it seems to me that it’s BAD.

…and finally, “Anaheim Insider”…

Please try to come out Saturday August 8, BEFORE YOU GO TO LAGUNA WOODS FOR THE JOHN DEAN TALK, to help out our friend, the persecuted and inspiring neighborhood activist Yesenia Rojas, at a classic Anaheim yard-sale fundraiser.  Her young friend Guera writes on the Facebook event page:

An amazing community member from the city of Anaheim needs our help to raise funds for her recent legal issues. She has done a lot for the community and we refuse to see her go anytime soon. Please help us by donating clothing, toys, electronics, household objects, etc that can be used to be sold at this yard sale! If you’re able to donate money wonderful! But if not all of us have those few things we’ve been meaning to take to goodwill but havent had the time to. Please donate to our yardsale and also stop by and check it out you might find some great stuff. If anyone has donations please message my personal facebook and let me know. See y’all soon ! (:

yesenia megaphone


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