Second yard-sale, July 4 morning, for Yesenia’s legal funds!




yesenia megaphone

Most of you probably know who Yesenia Rojas is – the brave activist and neighborhood leader whom even Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada praises as a positive influence in her community.  A peacekeeper.

And you may have heard that she is being unjustly railroaded into accepting a charge of “interfering with the police” at an incident at her birthday party late last year, when all she was doing was asking the police WHY they were arresting two young men in the neighborhood – something anyone has a right to ask.

The corrupt Anaheim establishment is aiming to sideline and silence this dissenting but lawful voice, as they did with Tony Jalali and William Fitzgerald.  But Yesenia, her family’s hardworking main breadwinner, needs to come up with $5000 for competent legal representation so she can fight this case and not end up with probation or even jail.

So, we won’t go on much more – you should swing by her SECOND garage sale / fundraiser in front of her home at 710 North Anna Drive, 7am to noon, Saturday July 4 – or you can even arrange to make a contribution there.  It is for JUSTICE!

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