The Poseidon Adventure Sails On!




Thursday night, OCWD voted 7-3 to have North County rate payers subsidize South County development.

Poseidon adventure

Vern and I were at the OCWD hearing tonight to discuss the “term sheet” of Poseidon’s Huntington Beach desalination plant.

The Board voted to approve 7 -3: the Nays were Jan Flory (bless her fiscal conservative soul), Roger Yo, and Philip Anthony.

Vern and Tyler at the scene of the crime.  Photo by Marselle.

Vern and Tyler at the scene of the crime. Photo by Marselle.

A few quick observations:

1. Over 200 people were in attendance

2. Iron Workers local 416 and IBEW local 652 were out in force. I wonder if they heard the rumor that Poseidon used non-Union labor at its Carlsbad plant?

3. Cathy Green may be president, but it’s clear who runs the OCWD board: Steve Sheldon. It’s like he owns it or something.

4. What is Dina Nguyen’s background to be on this board?  Tonight she did a remarkable impersonation of a Steve Sheldon sock puppet .

5. Steve Sheldon does NOT like it when a speaker mentions Dave Gilliard.  Dina, however, seemed to be confused by this.

6. The water is going to cost rate payers about $1,850 per acre/foot.  But OCWD rate payers won’t get any more water. Rather, OCWD will relinquish water back to MWD/MODOC. That $700 per acre/foot water will then go somewhere else.

7. South County Realtors really, really like this project.

8. The Moulton Niguel Water District strongly supported the project, even though they aren’t part of OCWD, and wouldn’t not be part of this project. Any guesses why?

9. A list of Republican politicos too long to summarize came out in favor. Many were from South County. Who knew South County was interested in North County water issues?

10 Claudia Alvarez, Shawn Steele, Jose Solorio, and Gail Eastman supported the project.

11. The Hispanic 100 came out strong for the project. WTF?

12. IRWD does NOT like this project.

13. Interesting detail from the staff report: “RO water is aggressive” and will increase corrosion throughout the system. Funny, they didn’t give a cost estimate for that.

14. Roger Yoh said Vern had called him so many times that Roger’s wife suspected Vern was an ex-girlfriend. Vern, is there something you’re not telling us?

Vern: feel free edit this post however you like


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