Bicycles and Vaccines!





vaccine kidCA State Senator Pan is causing quite a stir up Sacramento way.   We have had the Granny State, the Nanny State and now we have the Toddler State!  What next?  Let’s see how over-reacting can kill.  Some kids from Indonesia arrive at Disneyland and go to New Orleans Square and suddenly we have a major outbreak of German Measles in Southern California and around the world.  Yeah, remembering getting measles back in 1949…..was a terrible experience.  Then in 1968, got the 3-day Measles in Sitges in the Costa Brava of Spain.  Thought we were going to die.  Big red splotches on the chest and back and a 103 degree fever.  Went to the medico, then to the hospital in Barcelona.  Was put at the head of the line, because we were foreigners.  Put us in a room for three hours.  No doctor.  Left, and walked past the 1200 people in line waiting to see a doctor.  Got back into the VW Bus determined not to die in Spain.  Drove to Cannes, France where there were no doctors either.  The splotches went away and soon the fever disappeared.  Now we are considered a 3-Day Measles survivor.  Senator Pan wants a law to make sure kids get 62 different Vaccines before they go to school.  Pan is a Pediatric Doctor, deeply affected or impacted by  the ideology of Big Pharma.  Really Doctor?  Did they ever cure Infatigo?  Just checking.  How about Malaria?  Parkinson’s?  Just checking.  By the way, how many people died as a result of this Measles outbreak at Disneyland?  How many parents and kids and parents will be affected by your legislation?  How many of the 62 Vaccines should be required again?

Suzanne Summers is not the only one with doubts about Vaccines for kids and adults, the additives in our food supply and why Big Agra refuses to label GMO foods, Pharmaceuticals and Beauty Products.  Many parents have started to ask questions about why too many kids suffer from Autism, ADHT and other maladies that most kids never experienced before 1969.  These parents want to know why they have to take the “Full Monty of Vaccines” for their kids, starting when they are sometimes less than a year old.  There is no International Concensus on Vaccines and their applications to young kids.  Obviously, all the major childhood diseases should be considered, like Small Pox, Chicken Pox, Plague and Polio.  You know the things the English and Americans, put in blankets and  gave to various Indian Tribes to defoliate the area for more settlers to inhabit.  Heck, what about the DDT, Methyl Bromide and Vikane they use to get rid of Termites in those Quonset huts in the Central Valley, before Cesar Chavez.  Of course back then, they just shot that fumigant right into those living quarters, while the people were still sleeping.  Sort of like what the Nazi’s did to the Jews at various locations throughout Europe back in the day.

One thing is for sure, no one has done a 20 year study to determine the negative effects of Maxi-Vaccines on pre-school kids.  Senator Pan better get his list of effective studies up and out to the public, before he requires every California baby to step up….before they can go to school.  How about a Cancer Cure Vaccine first Pan?  How about a Heart Disease Vaccine or an Obesity Vaccine?  Have any of those handy?  Our country is becoming more like Nazi Germany every day.  In the name of SAFETY – Legislate Pharmaceuticals, Legislate your Gun Rights Away, Legislate your Freedom to say the truth.  What’s next,  Legislate the thought that you can ask viable questions?

In the meantime, where is the Legislation to save the lives of our two wheel neighbors that ride bicycles, motor bikes and motorcycles on these very dangerous roads in California?  Senator Pan, if you really want to save lives, try co-sponsoring a bill to require that neon colored clothing, gloves and helmets be required for every biker in California.  People that wear black, dark red, brown or even grey outfits on our streets are being killed by motorists and truckers every day on the roads of California.  At dawn or dusk , is not the only time that these crazy folks are in danger.  On open highways with brush or trees or these folks cannot be seen, much less in the cities with a required three foot  barrier on narrow areas or areas with parked cars.   Dark fast bikes, Dark clothes equal Dark Results!  Too many deaths are occuring every year in California.  Senator Pan look at the numbers and compare those deaths to the deaths attributable to Measles.  Should be a pretty quick excercise….eh?  Sounds like you need a few Amendments on that Vaccine Legislation sir.

Bicycles and Vaccines….you pick!




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