Sukhee Kang Doesn’t Remember Being Irvine Mayor

Apparently auditioning for a Peter Gabriel video, Former Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang said “I don’t remember”  thirty four times during his Great Park deposition.

Kang Balloon

The City of Irvine has released former Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang’s Great Park audit deposition.

The scope of what Sukee can’t remember while being mayor and serving on the Great Park board is comprehensive: who was present for meetings, what he voted on, why, who prepared what was voted on,  what has happening at the Great Park, who worked at and on the Great Park, how stuff got paid for….  The list goes on and on. Reading this testimony one might think that all Sukhee did as mayor was give speeches written by staff (and Stu Mollrich pp. 68-84), voted as others recommended, and not much else.

Which his detractors were claiming years ago.

In between all the memory lapses is interesting stuff.

As I blogged last October,  Gafcon managed the remodeling of Stu’s  Laguna Beach house while Forde & Mollrich heavily influenced which Great Park invoices got approved.   This deposition reveals that Gafcon remodeled two  Laguna Beach houses for Stu (pp. 26-36), and  that  tax-payer funded Design Studio resources were apparently used on the project.

As I blogged about last year, Gafcon’s final payment, the “closeout for contract two”, got approved in a rather opaque manner.  Sukhee doesn’t remember having anything to do with this.  (pp. 52-58) At least Sukhee is consistent.

Yet again, the Auditor’s rely on Bill Kogermann’s early testimony:

Q And when I deposed Bill Kogerman, he read the recitals to the agreement, which is the first page of the agreement, and he said that he didn’t agree with the recitals stating that all work was done by the Great Park Design Studio in a manner that is satisfactory to city and the corporation because there were ongoing disputes at the time between the city and the Great Park Corporation, and that he would have never voted on this agreement had he — had he seen it. (p. 57)

Which makes clear, again, why the Auditors needed to subpeona Larry Agran. No one will take responsibility for this contract, but most say Mr. Agran was heavily involved.

The deposition almost provides a brief glimpse inside the Agran  political machine  on page 106 and 107, when  Sukhee appears willing to talk about a dispute between himself  and Larry Agran involving the approval for the first phase of Five Points communities development. But then auditor Anthony Taylor uncharacteristically botches a question, and Sukhee reverts back to non-answers.

Lastly, lest anyone think we here in Irvine are a bunch of snooty elitists  I will point out the Irvine has positvely egalitarian requirements for becoming mayor:  Sukhee was working as a General Manager for Circuit City when he entered politics. (p 12)

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