Lalloway Declares Opposition to 405 Toll Lanes

So he says in today’s mailer.


Larry Agran has been trying to talk about anything but the Great Park this election.   He’s tried wrapping himself in Veterans, even though he was a (legal) draft dodger during the Viet Nam war and opposed a cemetery at the Great Park during the eight years he was in control.   He’s been running on “slow growth” platform to the point of being openly misleading about his record.

One of the lesser issues in the Irvine Campaign has been the 405 tollways.  This is an odd choice, as toll roads are rather popular here.  Plenty of folks in Irvine are happy to trade money (which we Irvine residents typically have) for time (which folks with kids typically lack).  Indeed, we already have four tollways here in Irvine: the 241, the 261, the 133, and the 73 [1]. 

Still Larry has used hit mailers and his fake newspaper to claim  Jeff Lallowayvoted to build toll lanes on the I-405, which runs through Irvine. ”  Note the exploitive grammar. The proposed toll lanes would start at the 55 and go north, which is beyond the Irvine City limit. Also, I haven’t been able to I track down which vote Larry claims Jeff made, which is rather suspicious — I can generally find these kinds of things.  But I’m not a close observer of  OCTA.

The Jeff Lalloway quote opposing the Toll Lane is from the September 22 OCTA Board meeting, presumably during the agenda item 22 discussion. I can’t find an online transcript of the OCTA meeting, so I can’t assess the context of the quote.

I can’t determined where the truth lies on this one,  but given how, um, economical with the truth Larry has been at City Council meetings and in his fake newspaper this year,  I am much more inclined to believe Jeff than Larry on this one.  

[1] The 73 was in Irvine when it was built, but Irvine ceded some land to Newport Beach for efficiency reasons. Currently the 73 roughly forms the city limit.

[2] The mailer was “Paid for by the Republican Party of Orange County.”

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