Anger and Fear After Black Monday




A call has gone out, for those who wish to quietly show their feelings, to wear black today.  I don’t know that it will do any good, but for the first time ever I will be wearing all black to court.  I don’t think that my client will mind.

Black field

There’s a horrible message hidden in here somewhere

I won’t name my friend who wrote this here to save him abuse by miscreants, but he’s a Harvard Law School educated African American man — a “person of bulk,” like me, but tall — with whom I worked as an attorney in Manhattan and who has had some success as a writer since then.  Here was one thing he published on Facebook in the wake of the Ferguson verdict.

Here’s the difficulty: Basically, the safest thing for African-Americans is to be *afraid* of white people. *At least* as afraid as white people like Darren Wilson are of black people. Look at his testimony. He makes Brown sound like a meta-human. Wilson is 6 freaking 4, and says he felt like “a five year old wrestling the Hulk.” Are you freaking kidding me?

But, if you teach your kids to be “afraid” of white people, not only does it make every professional interaction they have more difficult, you also convince them to *fight back* against whites when they feel backed into a corner. Which is like the *last* thing they should do.

THERE IS LITERALLY NO WAY TO WIN. If you are so rationally afraid of white people, you might lash out against them. If you are not afraid of white people, you might confront them. EITHER OPTION could lead to your death… a death that will be JUSTIFIED in the eyes of the law.

Screw teenagers. I’m a 36 year old man with education falling out of my ass. And, *tomorrow* I could be put in a deathly situation by a white cop.

And America doesn’t give a s**t. She doesn’t give a s**t about my problems. She doesn’t give a s**t about protecting me. Fundamentally, she’s more concerned about somebody else. And I know this. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

It applies, in kind if not in intensity, to protesters as well.  Don’t protest, and we’ve retreated into our variety of a totalitarian slave society, where one dare not speak truth to power.

Do protest, and you can be killed — unless  you’re a white rancher in rural Nevada, or some other protected class.

Another friend came up with a great new operational definition of “white privilege”: if the Ferguson verdict primarily shocks and outrages you, rather than utterly terrifies you, you have the benefit of white privilege.

Our constitutional rights — including the right not to be summarily killed even after punching a cop who tried to roust you, if you get far enough away not to be a plausible threat, and even if you’re Black or Latino — seem like a cruel joke today, tasting of ashes.

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