Irvine Does It Better: Sign Stealing Edition




Larry Agran supporters are stealing election signs. Again.


Every election season brings charges of sign-stealing. What sets Irvine apart is that we’re more organized about it.

Last Friday, hundreds of the above signs were placed on Irvine thoroughfares announcing a site consisting entirely of quotes from sworn depositions. Sunday night, most of the signs were gone. I have confirmed reports of removals from most of Woodbridge, much of Culver drive, and Turtle Rock.

There is nothing new about this. In 2006, I chatted with a crew of city contractors doing this. They claimed were on a city clean up contract. Oddly, they wouldn’t give me the name of the person who authorized them, nor could I find anyone at City Hall who had any idea about such a contract. Stephen Smith of the erstwhile Irvine Tattler suffered this treatment as well.

Select sign vandalism is such a normal part of campaigning against Larry Agran that no one puts all of their signs up initially. Indeed, Monday small clusters of these signs re-appeared at key intersections such as Alton and East Yale Loop.  This morning the signs at Barrance and East Yale loop are gone, again. So it goes.

But enough about my town. Please share any good sign-stealing stories from your town.



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