Great Park Audit Update

Update report on the Great Park Performance Review

5:15    Where do they find these adorable kids to open the meeting?

6:00 Tyler in Irvine speaks to the Redevelopment Agency: the depositions show the the Redevevlope Agency  was $2 billion short of being able to fund the Great Park

6:20  Allan Bartlett discusses Irvine Growth, Pam Sepedo, and Larry’s hand in growth. Allan is also  live tweeting  @AllanBartlett

6:25 A Lovely Lady cites city code and ask the city to remove the Agran Audit signs from the city.

6:40 Irvine resident Stephen Green?bergis testifying the Council Candidate  Melissa Fox has tens of thousands of dollars of back tax liens.  He’s quoting a Hit mailer that came out this passed weekend that somehow I missed.

6:45 HSN&O:  Forde & Mollrich have been uncooperative, and did several large document dumps that slowed down the audit.

6:50  HSN&O:  the depositions make clear that Forde & Mollrich had project management responsibility,  even though  neither had a technical background, and never even finished closed.

6:55 HSN&O:  Very concerned about how the “close out” contract  was handled.   Board member BIll Kogerman had never seen the motion, to apporve the contract even though records show he introduced the motion!

7:00  HSN&O:  Sam Allevato  was an F&M  employee, but failed to abstain from votes while Mayor of San Juan Capistron for a Gafcon contract — the same Gafcon that ran the Great Park.  A confilct of interest under the Great Park Contracts.

7:02 HSN&O:     There was never enough money to build the park as planned, JUST LIKE  TYLER IN IRIVNE SAID 😎

7:04 HSN&O:      Need to do two or three depositions.   F&M still being difficult. Expect thirty to sixty  days to complete the report.

7:07  David Aleshire:  The re7:19 citials in the closeout agreement make it difficult reclaiming  funds, but the odd legal procedure followed to approve the close out raise “complicated legal issues”

7:09 David Aleshire::  The original  budget was $284,000. F&M alone has forced an addition $60,000 in expense.

7:13 Larry Agran:  He and David Aleshire go “way back.” Larry objecting to City of Bell being mentioned.

7:17 Larry Agran: The DA is doing is REVIEW. Larry asking if there is also an “investigation.”  Anthony Taylor says he can’t comment on the DA is up to.

7:19  Larry wants Stephen Choi to read a letter to the DA and throws the letter at Choi.  Christina Shea says to Larry, “don’t be a child” and volunteers to read it on her time. ”

7:26 Paul Najor of Gafcon:   Gafcon is not a target of any investigation.  Funny, the Audit review just said Gafcon appeared to be involved in a conflict of interest.

7:30: Alan Ziegaus of Southwest Strategies speaking. Alan is a friend of Yehudi Gaffen of Gafcon, and his PR flack. Alan says of me

“Thanks Tyler, it does appear you are not interested in the truth so we’ll devote our limited time to those who are.”
7:42 Larry wants to allow Speakers to use there time to run a 9 minute video.  Stephen says, the film was the previous the previous speakers three minutes.
The city attroney is supporting Choi.
7:55 still arguing about if this video can be shown=
8:03  Another  Southwest Strategies PR own goal.  The Auditors did not mention George Urch, but the Gafcon Spokeswomean just did!
8:16 Pro-Agran speaker just crossed Godwin’s Law
8:25 Your humble blogger speaks in favor of Larry Agran’s motion. Under Larry’s motion, my friends and I could have screend Top Gun with Tom Cruise in it’s entirety at the next city council meeting. MISSED OPPORTUNITY
8:29 irvine Planning Commissioner and  Larry Supported Harvey Liss uses the depositions to excellent effect to show the hydrological problems could be overcome.  Harvey is right.  However, Pat Fuscoe was never given a budget to get it done. — which was the problem. The hydrological work was going to clear out most of the budget.
8:37 Beth Krom now cross examining Anthony Taylor, the lawyer who does the deposition. She’s defending the Park was buildable, despite clear evidence from the deposition to the contrary.
8:45 Jeff Lalloway  asks Larry to get his friends  Forde & Mollrich to cooperate.  Also calling  the Video “astroturf” by a PR firm Southwest Strategies.
8:50 Stephen Choi trying to say… something… in defense of the audit.  He should stick to enforcing the rules and let Shea and Lalloway do the talking.
9:00 Beth Krom still banging on “The Recession was the problem.”  Too bad the sworn testimony of the people hired to carry out the plan say otherwise.
9:05 Larry Agran putting up his favorite slides about what got accomplished at the Great Park.  Now defending Sam Allevato, the source of the possible conflict of interest.  Agran is “sickened.” Claims not one dollar misallocated.   Ignoring that closeout.
9:10 Larry has sent a letter to CA Attorney  Kamala Harris claiming the entire audit is a political smear and therefore  a misuse  of public funds
9:14 DONE.


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